Reunion Part 2a

So we continue on our quest for the reunion. Before I continue, I have to post my wife, Sheryl's, response to my last post.

"That is not true!! I appreciate the complements but I have never felt that way about you!! You are a sweet and caring husband and I love you--"  Sheryl
 I appreciate that fact, hon, but this is my blog and my perception of things, with a little bit of humor thrown in, so you got your say, and I got my thoughts in. I love you too, now go get my leash and lets go for a walk.

 Yesterday was not without its drama. Sher was going to meet her old friend at the Bronx Zoo, then the two of them were heading for City Island for a late lunch before heading home. I was invited to come along, but since they are childhood friends and I am just the husband of one of them, I did not want to intrude on their afternoon trip down memory lane. Sher left around 11:00, I put in the Blu Ray of Ironman 2 and promptly fell asleep. I woke up just as the credits were rolling, wiped the drool off of my chin, and went seeking some coffee. 
 Sher had suggested that she pick up my sport's jacket and pants from the tailors on her way home from the City, since they weren't going to be ready until after 6 anyway. I at first said no, but as the day wore on, I thought that it would be silly for us to go back out again after she came home, so I sent her a text telling her to go ahead and pick them up. I figured that, if they were not right, I would then just head back out and get whatever it was corrected. I read for a bit, messed around on facebook and threw something together for dinner. 
 At a little after 7, Sher called and asked me if I had seen the news. Of course I had seen the usual evening dose of bad news and stupidity that passes for the local and national news broadcasts, so I answered in the affirmative. She said 'Oh, my God! I'm stuck on 684, the traffic is stopped and the Danbury exit has been closed because there was a shooting in Danbury. I of course was my usual compassionate self and said 'But what about my clothes?'. Well, there would be no getting clothes this night, what with mayhem on the interstate! Poor ME! It didn't matter that there may be a wild west shoot out right there in Danbury, I would not have my jacket!
 I posted on facebook, since there were no details forthcoming on any news site that I checked, asking if anyone had heard about a shooting. My friend and physical therapist, Vicky, promptly posted a news article from the Danbury News Times affirming that there was, indeed, a shooting. Vicky told me that she could not even get on I 84 to go home and had to take the back roads.. I told Sher to get off, if she could, and do the same. Of course, there was no mention of this shooting on the news programs at 10 or 11, so we still don't know what happened. I do regret being so selfish that, at first, all I cared about was my jacket, but that's human nature, unfortunate as it may be, that we automatically think 'How is this affecting me?'. I was glad that Sher was safe, but my next thought was for my needs. I need to work to correct that flaw.
 The sun has not yet risen above the mountains, and I am on my second cup of coffee. The day of the great 45th reunion has arrived, and all I would like to do right now is to crawl back into bed and get some more sleep. That's not happening. I sit and wonder what the rest of the day will bring........


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