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Welcome Home To Vietnam Veteran's Day

               Welcome Home Vietnam Veteran's Day March 30, 2011
The Senate has approved March 30 as 'Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day'. This measure still has to be approved by the house, which probably means it will never get done because those posing imbeciles cannot agree on anything. I guess the senate feels guilty about neglecting us when we really returned, all those years ago. They tried once before to honor us with a Welcome Home Day and Parade back in 1986. That, while it was still a bit late, went over well.
 Now, all of us are older, many of us in poor health either because of the chemicals we were exposed to over there (Agent Orange was just one of many), or because we came back, put our heads down and got to work raising families and re-building America's pride in itself. We never complained, never asked for anything except what was coming to us. Yet, recently, we have been called 'The Greediest Generation' by Alan Simpson, and selfish by others. S…