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Of Dogs And People

                             Of Dogs and People                    
 February 26, 2011

I lost another of my best friends today. Shadow was almost 16 years old, and ancient by the standards of his species. He had been doing well up until about two weeks ago, when he started going down hill very quickly. Yesterday, he was having a problem emptying his bowels. Although he was almost completely blind, he kept going out the dog door all night, trying to relieve himself. This morning, he left the yard, through the electric dog fence, which must have caused him a great deal of discomfort. He crossed the road and went into the woods, probably to die. We noticed that he was gone almost immediately, or we never would have found him. My wife, Sheryl, charged into knee deep snow, down a hill and through trees and wetlands to save him. We had called my daughter, but she did not want to risk losing Shadow while we waited. When Danielle and Alan got here, both Sheryl and Shadow had to be rescued.  Al…