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State of Confusion

Why can't we get along together? I hear from all sides of the political spectrum how bad the other side is; can we not just agree that this Democratic Republic is the last best hope for what we all stand for? Does there have to be so much hate that when someone calls for unity, the opposition calls for more disagreement? Listen, folks, no matter who is in the White House, there is going to be a great many of us who disagree. We've seen it with both President Bushes, we've seen it with Bill Clinton, who was investigated from the first day that he took office. We've seen it with George W. Bush, who was criticized from his first incursion into Iraq, and we've seen it from the day that President Obama was elected. To me, an old Veteran of the Vietnam conflict, it's all so tiring. All this nonsense prevents anything from getting done. I hear about wanting to 'Carpet Bomb' everyone in the middle east.. (didn't work in Vietnam).. challenging the eligibilit…