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Veteran's Day/Armistice Day

 Today is Veteran's Day. A lot of attention is paid to all of us that served and came back from this country' wars intact. I am honored and humbled by all the attention and thanks. But my thoughts drift to what this day meant when I was a child. Back then, we called it Armistice day and it was a day set aside to commemorate the end of The War To End All Wars, World War I. As I grew, it  was decided that it would be for all veterans of all wars. 
 When I think about this day, I think about my Uncle Hal Huffman, a Marine who hit the beach on Iwo Jima, and the other islands in the Pacific during World War II. Hell on Earth for those who served there. I think of all of those soldiers and sailors who took part in D-Day in Europe. So many left dead on those beaches as they were thrown against the massive defenses that the Axis powers had set up to keep Europe enslaved in the war that saw the worst mass murders in history. All of those souls knew that they faced death, but this did no…


This morning, I was watching the Today Show, and they had as  one of their topics ‘What Has Happened To Civility?’ Anyone who has read what I have to say from time to time on Facebook knows that this is one of my pet peeves in politics and life in general.    All you have to do is look at the political ads out there to see what is wrong. They are filled with half-truths and out and out lies about each other. Charges of being a law breaker, not being a citizen, being soft on crime, being a Communist, a racist, you name it. At the end of these attack ads is usually a disclaimer saying that the ad was paid for by one concerned citizens group or another. These people don’t even have the guts to take credit for their own smears. They have to have a cover to take the blame.    Of course, this does not just belong to the sleazy politicians, this happens in every day life, too. You can’t have a civilized discussion about anything political anymore without it turning ugly and hurtful. How many f…