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My Fight

My FightSunday, March 24, 2013Last night, as I always do, I said my good nights to all of my friends on facebook, and in the world in general. And, as I started to do 100 days ago, I gave a nightly tribute to the the 26 slaughtered angels whose massacre while attending elementary school classes made me finally say "Enough! Not another child.. not another innocent should die without some kind of meaningful action and dialogue in this country, and in this government!  We cannot, as a civilized people, continue to wring our hands and say nothing as the continuing meaningless acts  of violence continue to take their tolls from the innocent among us. I cannot, WE cannot let the only voices to be heard after such a tragedy, be those who say, and none to quietly "Hell... now they'll come for our guns!" The likes of LaPierre and his minions always seem to have the loudest voices and the final words. I listened to this liar this morning as he played down the difference betwe…

Conspiracy Of Hate

Here we go again! On the heals of the Boston Marathon bombing, before the ink is dry on the paperwork charging Dzhokhar Tsarnaev with the bombing and murders, the conspiracy theorists are out in full force, claiming that the whole thing was staged by the government as part of a wider conspiracy to take guns from the hands of citizens. Right in the middle of all of this, is FAUX (FOX) NEWS, fanning the flames of discontent and hate for the government and anything it is into. They would have you believe that the whole of the United States Government, the State and Local Governments, the FBI, The local Boston Police, the Massachusetts State Police, are all acting in collusion to fool the people of the United States into believing that these two terrorists pulled off these bombings. FAUX news would have you believe that these two were actors, hired to do God knows what, but betrayed and ultimately blamed for something that the government itself was responsible for doing. They…