Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Fight

My Fight

Sunday, March 24, 2013



Last night, as I always do, I said my good nights to all of my friends on facebook, and in the world in general. And, as I started to do 100 days ago, I gave a nightly tribute to the the 26 slaughtered angels whose massacre while attending elementary school classes made me finally say "Enough! Not another child.. not another innocent should die without some kind of meaningful action and dialogue in this country, and in this government!  We cannot, as a civilized people, continue to wring our hands and say nothing as the continuing meaningless acts  of violence continue to take their tolls from the innocent among us. I cannot, WE cannot let the only voices to be heard after such a tragedy, be those who say, and none to quietly "Hell... now they'll come for our guns!" The likes of LaPierre and his minions always seem to have the loudest voices and the final words. I listened to this liar this morning as he played down the difference between a 22 caliber round of ammunition, and a .223 caliber round for an AR-15. Sure, the sizes are very close.. the difference is in the size of the charge in the bulleti. It does make a difference, Wayne. If it didn't, you wouldn't have so many people wanting to spend all that extra cash for a civilian version of the assault rifle.This man just pushes my buttons. Yet, it's not his lies about the ammo, or the downplaying of the term 'Military Assault Rifle'; I don't care about this at all. These clowns have been lying since they took over a very good organization. What bothers me is their total resistance to any kind of legislation to enforce background checks and registration of all guns. I just don't understand how this effects the right to bear arms, unless, of course, you are a criminal or a murderous psychotic. I have to register my car, and if I have mental illness or a disease that would preclude me from driving in the interest of public safety, then I would not be licensed to drive. Why should it be any different for anyone wanting to own a gun
 "Well-" I hear "- this would only slow up the process for law  abiding citizens who wish to own a gun, for self protection. It would not stop criminals from obtaining them." This statement is not entirely true. It will stop some, just as requiring everyone to license themselves to drive, and register their vehicles prevents many unlawful uses of motor vehicles and keeps many, not all, people who should not be driving off the road. If keeping one lunatic from mowing down people in an accident is the result, then the licensing of all drivers and the registration of all vehicles is well worth it.
  But I digress. Most, I assume, know that I am losing sleep, not only over Sandy Hook, but over every innocent life lost in this country every day. It started with Sandy Hook, but it continues with every dead innocent, every day . My very good friend said to me last night "It's not your battle, John. Your heart is heavy'' and she referred me to the bible. I have to disagree. You see, I believe that it is the fight of every good person who lives in this country to do what they can to help put an end to the daily slaughter. Recently, a young honor student who had attended the State Of The Union Address was shot down and killed in a park near her school. What was she doing? Sitting and talking with friends. Two days ago, a couple of teenaged thugs walked up to a mother with a toddler in a carriage and told her that they would kill her if she did not give them all of her money. She told them that she had no money. The older one said "Then we will kill your baby." She tried to shield the baby with her body, but this monster shot the baby in the head. He died at the scene, and the monsters ran off. They were arrested yesterday and charged with murder. One was 17, he was charged as an adult, the other was 14, and he was charged as  minor. The slaughter of the innocents continues throughout the land, and not much is done about it. The people should raise their voices in outrage for all those lost. I lost a cousin to a shooting. He was shot during the robbery of the video store in which he worked. That was over thirty years ago, and the family still grieves.
 I am not calling for a gun ban. I am calling for reasonable checks and balances to make it harder for a criminal, or someone criminally insane, to obtain a gun. Why is  there so much resistance to this?

Conspiracy Of Hate

Here we go again! On the heals of the Boston Marathon bombing, before the ink is dry on the paperwork charging Dzhokhar Tsarnaev with the bombing and murders, the conspiracy theorists are out in full force, claiming that the whole thing was staged by the government as part of a wider conspiracy to take guns from the hands of citizens. Right in the middle of all of this, is FAUX (FOX) NEWS, fanning the flames of discontent and hate for the government and anything it is into. They would have you believe that the whole of the United States Government, the State and Local Governments, the FBI, The local Boston Police, the Massachusetts State Police, are all acting in collusion to fool the people of the United States into believing that these two terrorists pulled off these bombings. FAUX news would have you believe that these two were actors, hired to do God knows what, but betrayed and ultimately blamed for something that the government itself was responsible for doing. They are firing up the right side of the citizenry, much in the way that the radicals on the left fired the other side up after 9/11, charging that the Bush administration had, in fact, committed that heinous act. They are doing the same thing that they did with the Sandy Hook Elementary School slayings, except that, with Sandy Hill, they claimed that no one but the perp was killed. 
 The people that do this are experts at it. They position themselves so that they can put the maximum BS out at a time. They come up with expansive lists of what they say is wrong with what people  have seen with their own eyes. They are aided by youtube presentations, some of them professional looking, some of them not, that challenge everything in the real stories from as many different angles as they cqn. Then, they bombard social media, like facebook and myspace,  with as many stories as they can filled with lies and half truths so that they have even the most rational people asking questions.
 Make no mistake about it, the goal of the people that start these things is to cause as much unrest as they can in the country. They would love nothing more than to paralyze the government through the mistrust stirred up by these false stories.  They want people to question the police and doubt the answers that they get. They want to pull down duly elected leaders in both parties through lies and innuendos. They would love nothing more than to bring anarchy to the streets. Why? I would not hazard a guess as to what the ultimate goal is, but I can tell you is that it is not to make us a peaceful society.
  I lived my whole life listening to one conspiracy theory after another, and I am very tired of it. But  the theories over the past decade or so have gotten worse and have very dark agenda attached to them. Do not be fooled by these people. Before you join your voice to others in crying 'Conspiracy! Fraud!', make sure you do some deep research from reliable sources. In this day and age, we have to be vigilant. Many people in this world would love nothing better than to see he US crumble and fall. We must keep our heads, or we will all lose them.