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Father's Day, 2013Father's day... another year gone by. When I was in my thirties and forties, I could expect to be treated to the affections of my children and step-children. They would always honor me with a card or a gift, telling me what  a great father I was. I tried. I, like most fathers of my generation, and generations past, did the best that I could. hoping that the choices that I made were the right ones. I, to this day, still do not know how well that I did.    I had five children to raise; three of my own, and two step-daughters that I did my best to raise as my own, even though they had a biological father. I went to every school function, every concert, everything that they were involved in. In fact, the only thing that I ever missed was a concert of my daughter, Danielle's. Even then, they had to make me stay home. I had had the flu, and was fighting  temperature of 104. Other than that, I attended every one of their concerts and school functions. It never se…