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The Death Of Bin Laden and the Politics Of Hate

        The Death of Bin Laden and the Politics of HateMay 2, 2011
 I was spending my usual Sunday night, watching HBO and surfing the net, when it came over my news feed that Osama Bin Laden, the face of the 9/11 atrocity had finally been taken out. As the details came in, I thought to myself, 'How fitting that the name of the man in the Oval Office when this mass murderer was brought down is Barack Hussein Obama. Now, it's not be that it is just a white man of European descent brought this animal down. It's a man of multiracial, multi ethnic background giving the OK finally bring this killer to justice. It is a man who's makeup represents the multiracial victims of this atrocity.
 Let me make it clear that I did not voter for the President. I did not vote for him because I felt that he did not yet have the experience necessary to be President. However, once he was elected, I felt that it was my duty to get behind him and let him lead. He has not, in my humble opinion…