Monday, May 2, 2011

The Death Of Bin Laden and the Politics Of Hate

         The Death of Bin Laden and the Politics of Hate

 May 2, 2011

 I was spending my usual Sunday night, watching HBO and surfing the net, when it came over my news feed that Osama Bin Laden, the face of the 9/11 atrocity had finally been taken out. As the details came in, I thought to myself, 'How fitting that the name of the man in the Oval Office when this mass murderer was brought down is Barack Hussein Obama. Now, it's not be that it is just a white man of European descent brought this animal down. It's a man of multiracial, multi ethnic background giving the OK finally bring this killer to justice. It is a man who's makeup represents the multiracial victims of this atrocity.
 Let me make it clear that I did not voter for the President. I did not vote for him because I felt that he did not yet have the experience necessary to be President. However, once he was elected, I felt that it was my duty to get behind him and let him lead. He has not, in my humble opinion, done a great job. He has been very indecisive at times and played to much to the polls. I would give him a c up to this point. By the same token, I did not think that GW Bush did a very good job.  But, in the case of the raid on Bin Laden's compound and the subsequent killing of this murderer, I thought that President Obama showed the steel needed for the job. He authorized an attack in a sovereign country that we were not at war with. This took guts, and he finally showed that he had them.
 As the word started to spread across the country, I saw some disturbing things. I saw a lot of hate still directed at the president. At a time when we should have been pulling together as a people, still the nasty statements were posted. One said "Blah, blah, blah.... so I forgot the words to the pledge of allegiance.... blah blah blah..... I got bin Laden...... Blah blah blah..... I want to be re-elected, vote for me...". (By the way, Obama has never forgotten the words to the pledge or the Star Spangled Banner. Check it out on Snopes.) This was just one of many. I have to wonder: Where is all of this hatred coming from? I've seen people who preach peace and loving each other every day, post that they hate this man and hope that he dies. All the nonsense about the birth certificate...... the list goes on and on.
 I watched interviews with, Peter King (R-NY), former Vice President Dick Cheney, and former Secretary Of Defense Don Rumsfeld. All of them were conciliatory and said that Obama did a good job in this case. The word just doesn't seem to get to all of the haters out  there who call themselves 'Conservative'.
 And still, I see the hatred and race baiting undercurrent that surrounds the opposition to this guy.
 Can't we be the Loyal Opposition without the hate filled statements, or are those days gone for good? Do we have to be  country so deeply divided that we cannot come together and start i again? It gives me a sick feeling to go to my email everyday and see all of the political hatred that fills it. I don't read it, regardless of what side it comes from. I find no joy in written hatred. If you hate, you just hate. Using names like Liberal or Conservative doesn't cover up the fact that you just HATE. This goes for both sides.
  Let me now say that I am proud at the job the Seals did. Professionals all the way to the core. I heard one commentator say that it must have been hard for them, thinking that this was a mission that they might not return from. If this person knew ANYTHING of the nature of these guys, she would have known, thoughts like that never, ever, enter their heads. It's the job, and what they will do that night. That's what separates these heros from the everyday people. Defeat is never an option. I salute you, each and every one of you. From the Seals to the President, a job well done. Thank your for your dedication, and Thank You for your Service.
 Semper Fidelis.