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Happy Birthday, United States of America!
  Despite the nightmare of the past political season, despite the differences that continue to try to divide us, we are still the best place to be. It's up to us to work out our differences, to continue to work towards compromise..... yes, I said compromise....that we all can live with. This continued Red State - Blue State division has got to stop. They only ones who benefit from the constant back and fort are the politicians who feed off of our fears and prejudices, and the enemies of freedom and self determination that surround us, like a pack of merciless predators who would tear our great nation asunder and feed on the corpse.
  The hateful rhetoric of the extremes on both sides just fuel the anger that would lead to the end of the 'Great Experiment' that is the United States of America, and that would lead us into anarchy, and herald the end of democracy as we know it. Some would applaud this outcome. Some have been working tow…