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The Veterans Are Not For Sale!

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog. I have not written because everything I write these days turns into an angry rant. There is so much corruption in Washington that I cannot help myself.  There are people in high office, both elected and appointed, who are destroying every protection on our environment, and every program designed to help lower and middle income citizens. They are using their office for their own gain. The swamp creatures are in control. However, when I see what is happening to the Veterans Administration, and the plans of the far right to turn it into a for profit business, I had to write again. If it’s a rant; so be it.

Word to this administration and every politician in office who has a voice: We, the veterans, who gave our blood, sweat, and tears in support and defense of this country.. these United States, are not assets or commodities to be used for profits by some faceless corporation! We deserve to be cared for and treated with the respect and reverence t…