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The Veterans Are Not For Sale!

I wrote the following blog last April. I put it aside to read and edit later but never did. One of the sad truths about getting old is that I am getting more forgetful with each passing day.
  Anyway, I was going to write a blog about why I think of November as Veterans Month. I still plan to, but I thought that I would finally publish this one. The way things are going in this country, it's just as relevant now.

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog. I have not written because everything I write these days turns into an angry rant. There is so much corruption in Washington that I cannot help myself.  There are people in high office, both elected and appointed, who are destroying every protection on our environment, and every program designed to help lower and middle-income citizens. They are using their office for their own gain. The swamp creatures are in control. However, when I see what is happening to the Veterans Administration, and the plans of the far right to turn it in…