Happy Birthday, United States of America!
  Despite the nightmare of the past political season, despite the differences that continue to try to divide us, we are still the best place to be. It's up to us to work out our differences, to continue to work towards compromise..... yes, I said compromise....that we all can live with. This continued Red State - Blue State division has got to stop. They only ones who benefit from the constant back and fort are the politicians who feed off of our fears and prejudices, and the enemies of freedom and self determination that surround us, like a pack of merciless predators who would tear our great nation asunder and feed on the corpse.
  The hateful rhetoric of the extremes on both sides just fuel the anger that would lead to the end of the 'Great Experiment' that is the United States of America, and that would lead us into anarchy, and herald the end of democracy as we know it. Some would applaud this outcome. Some have been working tow…

Those Who Would Be Left Behind...

Those who would be left behind by the Republicans. They are not glamorous, they are not what one would call 'Important to our society,' they do not contribute as much as this of us who have worked hard all of our lives did. No... but, in their own way, they have worked hard as well. They have done the best that they could with the limited tools that they were given. It's not their fault... it's the hand that nature has dealt to them. This does not make them any less worthy of our respect, of our love, or of our compassion. 
  I have had a few so-called 'Christian' friends tell me that they would pray for them. I have had them tell me that they would pray for my sister. 
  Let me introduce you to my sister, Alma Jean Zaffino. She was born into a challenged existence. Early on, she was diagnosed with Perthes Disease, a degenerative disease of the hip joint. She spent months in a cast from the waist to the ankle. When they finally cut the cast off, they also cut her…

The Power Of Love To Heal..... Grandchildren

This is my first blog since last October. Up until now, I have not had the ability to type quickly enough, nor the drive to do so. This subject is very important to me, and very personal, so I ask you to bear with me.

 This past year has been a series of ups and downs, health wise. Late last November, I started to decline physically, for no apparent reason. It started with a stiff neck that became a numbness in my hands and toes by days end. 
 I contacted my back surgeon, and he ordered some tests which, he said, showed no reason for my problems. He sent me to a neurologist, who ordered more tests and promptly went on vacation. I continued to get worse.... falling several times, unable to get up without help. I became progressively weaker. When the doctor returned after two weeks on vacation, she said that the MRI and CAT SCAN showed nothing. She sent me for a spinal tap.
  I fell again and hurt myself, and my wife had a hard time getting me up and into a chair. Somehow, she had managed …

My Back Pages: The Politics of Hate

My Back Pages: The Politics of Hate:    I remember when President Barack Obama was elected. Suddenly, I had my email inbox filled with so many emails calling him an illegitimate...

The Politics of Hate

 I remember when President Barack Obama was elected. Suddenly, I had my email inbox filled with so many emails calling him an illegitimate president. So much hatred was directed at this man, from so many people that I counted as friends. Now... let me just tell you, I did not vote for the President in his first election. I didn't vote for him because I thought, at the time, that he did not have enough experience to be President. First of all, he had only been a Senator for a short time. Secondly,  and I say this with some distress today... I admired John McCain for his honor, and his service to this country.
  When President Obama ran for reelection, he had won us over. His talk of hope, and the example that he set, along with his beautiful wife, won me over. Race was never an issue. Religion, I could care less about. Yet, so many Americans called all of this into play. I had friends inundate my email with hateful anti-Obama emails. They called into question his citizenship (If the…

My Back Pages: My Take, 2016

My Back Pages: My Take, 2016: The election is coming up fast, and I have taken a lot of flack because of my adamant stance against the Republican candidate. That's a ...

My Take, 2016

The election is coming up fast, and I have taken a lot of flack because of my adamant stance against the Republican candidate. That's a shame. My opinion is my opinion, and it is the product of hours of research, years of following these candidates, and my own personal feelings.
  Now, I have been admonished by some that I should not state my opinions. Really? This is what elections and this whole idea of Democracy (capital 'D'!) is about! We are a free and open society. What we are not free to do is force our opinions on anyone else. We can write about them, talk about them, but it is not legal or 'free' to force your opinions on others. Now, we can, as I do, write about them. However, I cannot go to a friends house, without his or her permission, and post a sign on their lawn! It's just not the right thing to do, and it is not legal. I have been criticized because I objected to this, but I do not care. I respect others... I do not write or post my opinions on …