New Year’s Eve Redux

December 31, 2017. Kent Lakes, New York

  What a tumultuous year this has been, for our country, our world, and for me, personally.
 We have seen the destruction of the caliphate. We have watched as the protections put in place to protect our environment have been diminished by executive order and by the appointment of a man who wants to destroy the EPA as head of the EPA. We have seen Neo Nazis march past a synagogue in Charlottesville, chanting “Jew will not replace us!” And we have heard the President saying that some of them were ‘Good People.’
  As for me, personally, I have had to overcome some ver serious health issues which brought me close to either death or paralysis. I had to learn to walk and use my hands all over again. I continue to recover, and so far, I am doing quite well.
  This is why, despite this hate, the optimist in me thinks that the pendulum will once again swing the other way.
  Yes, I know that there will be some who will want to post negative comments answering me.. don’t bother.. I understand your negativity; the point is taken, but it will not change my mind. We cannot afford to lose hope, or we will lose our souls. That is why I chose to repost my comments from last year.
  Let us join together in changing things for the better in the coming year. Small things, like being pleasant and kind to all that you meet. A smile, instead of a frown. They may seem insignificant.. mere ripples in a large pond; but remember, ripples radiate out and touch all shores. If you have enough ripples, they join together to make a wave, and a wave can change things. The fate of the our world is in the hands of those who inhabit it. Together, we can Makea difference.
  I wish you all good health, peace, and love in the coming year. I wish all good things for all good people. Namaste!
Happy New Year!🎆🎈🎊


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