The Power Of Love To Heal..... Grandchildren

This is my first blog since last October. Up until now, I have not had the ability to type quickly enough, nor the drive to do so. This subject is very important to me, and very personal, so I ask you to bear with me.

 This past year has been a series of ups and downs, health wise. Late last November, I started to decline physically, for no apparent reason. It started with a stiff neck that became a numbness in my hands and toes by days end. 
 I contacted my back surgeon, and he ordered some tests which, he said, showed no reason for my problems. He sent me to a neurologist, who ordered more tests and promptly went on vacation. I continued to get worse.... falling several times, unable to get up without help. I became progressively weaker. When the doctor returned after two weeks on vacation, she said that the MRI and CAT SCAN showed nothing. She sent me for a spinal tap.
  I fell again and hurt myself, and my wife had a hard time getting me up and into a chair. Somehow, she had managed to get the number of Dr. Rose Mathew, the neurologist, and called her and gave her hell on her voice mail. The doctor called back, and Sheryl continued, and told her that I kept falling, and could not even get into bed by myself. The doctor directed her to take me to Vassar Brothers Medical Center's Emergency Room. Finally, a doctor saw the I had spinal compression in my cervical spine, and it was aggressively causing me to lose all functions in my arms and legs. My case was referred to Dr. Shannon, a neurosurgeon, and six days later I had surgery to remove the offending discs, and rebuild my neck.
  After the surgery, I was still the same. I had great difficulty holding utensils to feed myself, and I was unable to walk without assistance. I pushed myself hard, against the wishes of the entire medical staff, and, as a result, fell several times.
  I was impatient, and rapidly becoming despondent. I thought that I would never walk again, or be able to take care of myself
  Somehow, my grandson, William Patrick Jackson, got wind of this. He was just seven months out of High School. He wrote me an impassioned message.
'Please, Grandpa, don't give up. You can beat this.... I know you can! Keep going, never give up! I love you. You can do it!' There was more to it than this, but this was the heart of it... my oldest Grandson refusing to give up on this Old Marine, and pushing me to keep going.
  As you can imagine, this touched my heart and helped give me the second wind that I needed to keep on pushing. I don't think that I would have quit, regardless, but this certainly put wind back in my sails. The young man had my back. 
  Now, I know most of you know my story, how seriously injured I was, and how close that I did come to either paralysis or death; however, I have never mentioned my heroic grandson, who really pushed me to get back to health again. I will hold him very close to my heart for all of my remaining years. I told him that I was a Marine, and that it was against our nature to give up. I thanked him for reminding me of that.
  I also must mention my four gorgeous granddaughters who refused to stay away from this old man In the hospital. I didn't want them to see me that way, and with their actions, showed that they did not care how I appeared. I was their grandfather, I was ill, and they loved me very much. So, Thank You, William Patrick Jackson for pushing me. Thank you, Taylor, Casey, Jamie, and Makenna Morrell for your love.
  The whole reason for the rehash of my story was to recognize my grandchildren for the strong and loving young people that they are. From William, all the way through Taylor, Casey, Jamie, Makenna, and Johnny, they are all loving grandchildren, and I love and appreciate them very much.
 As Always, I wish you Peace, Love,  and Tranquility

 John Zaffino. Kent Lakes, NY Wednesday, June 21, 2017


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