Someone had to explain to me what the hell has happened to food in this country! We went from the food groups of my childhood to the food nazis of today who want to ban everything that we were told was good for us when I was a kid. NO STARCH! NO SUGAR! NO SALT! NO RED MEAT! NO DAIRY!. it just get's crazier by the day.
  OK, so I decide that I am going to eat more vegetables and much less red meat. I start eating a lot of broccoli. The next thing I know, I'm reading that broccoli is not good for me. It hinders the breakdown of uric acid, which causes people who already have a problem to get gout and kidney stones! Uh-oh... gotta stop eating broccoli. Next is spinach, which I love. I read that the iron in spinach can be harmful to many people. Should I stop eating this, also? Then, I read corn is no good for you... as a matter of fact, corn is a grain, and no grains are good for you, so just strike them right out of your diet! What about whole grains? Well, they are better, but still not good. Eat more beans. Good idea, that would solve the gas problem in the world figure out how to harness all of the natural gas we will be generating and, energy problem solved.
 But some people cannot eat beans! What are they supposed to do? Hmmmm ... didn't think of that!  Let's let the 'Nutritionists' and health 'Experts' ponder this for a while, as I go on to more pet peeves with food.
 I swear that there is something that is being added to our food supply that is making everyone fat. It's the same stuff that we ate when we were kids, and that our parents and grandparents ate, and there were fewer overweight people then. Figure out what's been added and you solve the problem. I will not stop eating everything that I grew up eating just because some anorexic looking pain in the behind tells me that it's no good for me. We have people actually making a living getting on TV telling us that we must stop eating anything that we like. These pinch-faced, unhappy looking fools have the title of 'Expert' bestowed on them by the talking heads on the morning shows. Madelyn Fernstrom and Joy Bauer come to mind, along with this guy who writes the 'Eat This, Not That' books. Now there's an unhappy looking guy if I ever saw one. This clown tells us all the food in the restaurants that we go to will kill us because they have thousands of calories per serving. HEY! YOU UNHAPPY LOOKING PAIN IN THE ASS! IF  I AM GOING OUT TO EAT, ONCE IN A BLUE MOON, I REALLY DON'T GIVE A DAMN WHAT THE CALORIC INTAKE FOR THAT NIGHT IS! IT IS A NIGHT TO ENJOY MYSELF, NOT TO SIT AND WORRY ABOUT THE DAMNED CALORIES.  DO US A FAVOR; GO BE UNHAPPY IN PRIVATE, WILL  YOU? AND LEAVE US ALONE!!
  Now, my last pet peeve. The word 'Organic'. They tell us that we should eat organic foods whenever possible. Pray tell, what the hell does that mean? Food is, by definition, organic. It is made from living plants and animals. We are not eating rocks and metals (that we know of)... these would be inorganic materials. It drives me crazy. Do me a favor, leave me the hell alone and get a real job that requires real labor, then you won't have to worry about what the hell you eat, you will work it off..
 Listen, I agree that we shouldn't be eating a lot of sweets. They are not great for you and don't have a lot of nutritional value.... but everything in moderation. If someone would just look into what they are adding to the everyday food that we eat that is making us fat, there would be no need for all of this nonsense that passes for nutritional information today.
 If people would just get out and get moderate exercise, like we used to 30 years ago, instead of sitting in front of a computer, like my fat behind is doing right now, there would be no obesity crisis in this country.


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