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Do you have these weekends when you just don't feel like getting dressed? This usually happens to me in the early Autumn, on a weekend that's clear and sunny, but cool. This is the way that it's been for me this week. I got up at my usual time on Saturday, 05:30, had my first cup of coffee and looked out of the sliding glass doors into the early morning sky. Beautiful! I could see all the stars for the first time in days! I slid the door open and stepped outside... DAMN! It was cold! When I went to bed the night before, it was 72 degrees and humid. Just a scant few hours later, it was 40 and crisp. What to do? Well, I had to go food shopping, no two ways about it but, after that? Well, not  much, if I had anything to say about it. 
 So, off I went to the A&P and did my bi-weekly shopping. When I got back, Sheryl was there to help me unload. We finished unloading, she went off to work, and I was off to my day of do nothing. First, check facebook to see what's going on. Not much from what I can see. Post my status, say my good mornings. Another cup of coffee. Tend to my Vineyards and my Puppys..... how childish have I become? Pretty childish, but who the hell cares?  My Canadian friend, Laurie comes on, and we start to discuss our Macs and how much better they are than PC's. We ought to do a commercial... we certainly convinced me! More coffee.... saying my good mornings, joining in the morning banter with Carol, and Ms. Pru, Diane, Susan..... say, how come most of my friends, at least the one's that get in on this, are female? This question has occurred to me before, but I never have found an adequate answer. Oh, sure, I will get the occasional answer or good morning from Joe, or Albert, or Rich.. but not the ongoing engaging conversation that I get from my female friends. I wonder if it's because I am retired and don't have any obligations? I don't know... anyway, if someone wants to read something into it, let them. I am beyond caring about silly things like that. Too old to give a shit, as they say...... more coffee. I really should go take that nap, since I don't sleep much at night... but... it's time to take care of my vineyard again. Hmmm I have to go do my duty and help my friends, too.  So, off I go to all of my neighbor's vineyards, helping with buildings, fertilizing, tasting wines.. ... it's now  after one. Where did the morning go. I need more coffee.... put on another pot. Make a sandwich left over meatloaf, while I'm at it.  Jeez, it's after two..  I need to get things together for tonight's dinner. So, I get the meat out, so that it comes to room temperature before I start cooking... assemble the various things that I will need when I start... now, it's after three.  What's happening in my Facebook neighborhood? I exchange banter with Ms. Laurie about the Macs again, the difference between iMac and MacBook, talk in general about how much I hate the cold weather and the loss of sunlight......  time for the Yankee game. Turn on the TV, listen to the mindless stats from Joe Buck and Tim MacCarver... feel like shooting myself, or them. Why can't they just announce the damned game?.... oh well...  time to do the vineyard again. Oh, yay, I won Xpoints in the stupid wishing well game on the vineyard. I do some more landscaping... not real, of course, Vineyard style... talk to Susan and Laurie and Dr. Peg in between doing game favors for everyone that needs them.... more coffee, my third pot.  It's time to get dinner started! Where did the day go.
 Jumping back and forth between the stove and facebook and the Yankee game. Swearing at Joe Girardi for bone head (my opinion) moves. the game drags on incessantly.. four hours plus. ... get dinner on the table ... eat, back to facebook and all of its games and banter.... more coffee. Friends are dropping in, one at a time, in my facebook neighborhood. My eyes are having a hard time focusing. time to call it a night. 
 Where did my day go, and what did I accomplish? I did not get my nap. I did talk to some of my friends and I took care of my various games. What a life. Well.... there's always tomorrow...... 


  1. Could be that women relate to good conversation and honest opinions;could also be that you are more in touch with your feminine side than a lot of men. I just read an article about married men living longer and being happier than their unmarried brothers not so for the females (getting off topic here). I think in the cyber age we "connect" with online friends because we have the strong need to be "wired in"to anything and everything. You mention how you relate to your female friends~I find the reverse; relating to males better. Maybe I have more than my share of testosterone? Whatever! I enjoy your blogs and you are entertaining JZ alias "the godfather".maybe like minds are just drawn to similar sites, etc. Doesn't matter the why or how of it. Live in the moment. Enjoy it. Savour the connections.


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