Reunion Part 2 (Cont'd)

  As I said, Sheryl and Paulette went off to see if they could find her something to wear. While I was sitting here writing the first part of part 2, Sher was out looking . She called me from road to tell me she was going to one more place to see what she could find. An hour later, she came home looking satisfied with what she had purchased.  Danielle and Johnny came over a short time later and Sher asked if we wanted to see what she had bought.
 Someone needs to tell me, why, after that long, drawn out process that we went through in the morning, getting my jacket, and pants, and shirt and shoes, how this woman, whom I love dearly, can simply go into a store and find a simple dress that makes her look stunning? This has been the story throughout our relationship of 32 years. We both get dressed up, I think that I am looking sharp. Yet, somehow, she manages to look so good that, when we are out, it looks like she is out walking her pet Bridge Troll! No matter what  I do, it's the same old story. As I said before, I should have just purchased a new pair of jeans and a nice tee shirt, for all that it matters. I mean, it's great  having an attractive wife, but men tend to forget that I am there when we go out. They stumble all over themselves, making conversation with her, and those are my friends! Forget men that don't even know us. I am exhausted from trying to fend them off. Even an old Marine occasionally get's tired. Now, I have to hand it to her, she can deftly fend off these drooling cavemen with a couple of words, without hurting anyone's feelings, but that doesn't stop the onslaught. I should tell you that Sher is 7 years younger than me and ages a hell of a lot better than I do. She's a great lady.... but why do I always have to play her pet monster? 
 The one saving fact about the upcoming reunion is that all, or at least most, of the men there are my age and married. Otherwise, I would be in for another night of playing the guy who escorted Sheryl out for the evening.

Post Script : Of course, this is somewhat of an exaggeration to spice up my silly blog, but most of the statements, if not all of them, are somewhat true. I'll leave it to you to figure out how much when I publish the photos from the coming Reunion.  ;0)


  1. Sheryl is a beauty!!! I agree!!
    I can't wait to see the pictures.
    PS. Im sure You clean up real nice too!! You are no way near the ogre You claim to be!!!


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