My Take, 2016

The election is coming up fast, and I have taken a lot of flack because of my adamant stance against the Republican candidate. That's a shame. My opinion is my opinion, and it is the product of hours of research, years of following these candidates, and my own personal feelings.
  Now, I have been admonished by some that I should not state my opinions. Really? This is what elections and this whole idea of Democracy (capital 'D'!) is about! We are a free and open society. What we are not free to do is force our opinions on anyone else. We can write about them, talk about them, but it is not legal or 'free' to force your opinions on others. Now, we can, as I do, write about them. However, I cannot go to a friends house, without his or her permission, and post a sign on their lawn! It's just not the right thing to do, and it is not legal. I have been criticized because I objected to this, but I do not care. I respect others... I do not write or post my opinions on their virtual 'Lawns'.. and I expect the same respect. 
  Now, that being said.. I have to tell you why I do not like the Republican candidate.
 (1) I hate what he said about John McCain! Now, I do not agree with much of John's political stances, but I respect his opinions. John McCain is a genuine hero to me, and millions of others in this country. He was captured and tortured by an enemy that we were fighting, whether you think that particular war was right or not. He was offered the opportunity for an early release. However, the code says that those who were captured first, get release first. This was an attempt by the North Vietnamese to gain points by releasing the son of a high ranking military man. John refused, and they tortured him for it! Trump said : "John McCain is not a hero. He's considered a hero because he was captured, and I prefer those who were not captured, okay?"... this just makes me so angry! This son of a bitch never served on second in defense of his country! in fact, he faked an injury to avoid service. 
  I served, without question, because I was always taught that this was the price that we paid for living in a free country. This man never gave a thing! I think that he, and many like him, are cowards! They talk a good fight, but run for the hills when they are asked to serve. I didn't... i volunteered. So did so many of my fallen comrades.

 (2) His ridiculing of a disabled reporter. The man has Cerebral palsy, but this candidate ridiculed his disability. Further, one of his apologists, Ann Coulter, a hatemonger if there ever was one, said "Oh, he wasn't making fun of him. He was just imitating the everyday retard!"
 I resent this. I have a special needs sister that lives with us. She has the intellect of a 7 year old, and she is 60. How dare he, or his evil surrogate, ridicule her?
 (3) His treatment of women. This man has no regard for any woman. He makes sick statements about his own daughter, and how he would date her if she were not his daughter. Any man who has a daughter should be sickened by this.
 (4) His constantly changing lies. If you cannot see them, then you are blinded by his BS, and I feel sorry for you, and this country.
  (5) The birther controversy. This Son Of A B... continued this absolute nonsense long after it was disproved, and then he tried to blame it on his opponent, which has been disproved.
 (6) His infuriating statements, first "I was in Military School, so I feel that I served the same thing as someone who served in the military!" (Yeah, asshole? Were you ever shot at? Did you have any friends that were killed on the battlefield? You make me so angry, that I lose my pledge, for the moment, to not hate! I've lost friends, you phony, who really served their country!) 
 (7) "I sacrificed for this country. I built things...") You have never sacrificed a damned thing, you POS! I know so many people who have sacrificed so much for this country, for their families, for their communities, and you have never sacrificed a damned thing! 

  Now... This is my opinion. This is my opinion alone. If you do not feel this way, then go with your god, and post on your wall. This is mine! I am not looking to debate anyone. I don't look to change anyones mind... this is purely me. If you disagree... great.. we live in a country where we can disagree and not fear being arrested.. or killed.  
  I worry about this country. I worry about all the hate and xenophobia that permeates this campaign. I worry about the talk of building walls. I worry about these people who wish to force their religious views on every citizen of this country. I worry about those who would knock women's rights back fifty years, and would hold down the working people of this country. The policies of corporate deference would put the American Worker back to where they were at the beginning of the last century, and this is just unacceptable.
  I stand for equality for all, regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or sexuality. I stand for every American. I stand against anyone, ANYONE, who does not stand with me. 

 If you don't agree with me, that's fine. That's the privilege of living in an open society. You can disagree with me. This is the American way. I can only hope that right wins out over hate.
  I wish all Love, Peace, and Tranquility.
 John Zaffino Kent Lakes, New York
  September 28,2016


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