What Is deplorable to me? A person running for president bullying everyone that I also in contention for the office. Calling someone low energy. Making fun of another as he eats. Giving negative names to everyone else who is running. Making fun of a female candidate's looks.Calling one candidate 'Little Marco'... calling another 'Lyin' Ted'.
  Making remarks about the looks wife of another candidate. Using every bullying tactic that he can find, while offering no substance to his own reason for running.
  It's deplorable that this man constantly lies, but his supporters excuse each and every lie. Challenging the citizenship of the President, saying that he had dispatched investigators to Hawaii to find out about the Presidents birth, and then saying 'What they are finding is just unbelievable!' Saying that the President's mother was never at the hospital where he was born. Saying that his grandmother said that the President was born in Kenya. He did this for five long years, and used this as a springboard to run for president. Each and every charge that he made was an out and out lie, and yet his supporters do not call him on it. 
  Inciting the throng at the Republican National Convention to chant "LOCK HER UP!" led by the Governor of New Jersey and the former Mayor of New York, both of them former prosecutors and should know better.
 It's deplorable that the aforementioned former mayor and federal prosecutor, Rudolph Giuliani, continues to make unsubstantiated charges against the former Secretary Of State, and it's deplorable that he leaps about on stage spitting and practically foaming at the mouth as he spouts his hate and vitriol.
 It's deplorable that this candidate incites those who attend his campaign speeches to attack anyone who would dare protest against the hate and lies that he consistently puts out there. It's deplorable that this candidate has now twice made remarks about assassinating the Democrat Candidate.
  It's deplorable that he constantly calls Senator Elizabeth Warren 'Pocahontas'... even though she get's back at him.
  it's deplorable that this man has made veiled threats against the news media covering his candidacy. One five foot two reporter had to be escorted to her vehicle by the Secret Service because of threats made by this man's supporters. it's deplorable that he said that he could stand the middle of a New York City street and shoot someone, and he would not lose a single vote.
  It's deplorable that he tells his supporters "Knock the hell out of hime, would ya?" 
  It's deplorable that he made fun of a reporter with cerebral palsy. It's even more deplorable that one of his far right supporters, Anne Coulter,  said that "Anyone could see that he was just acting like a regular RETARD, and not making fun of the reporter's handicap!" When called on her use of the word 'Retard', she just laughed it off.
  It's deplorable that he said that Senator John McCain was no war hero and that the only reason he was called a hero was because he was captured. "I like men who weren't captured, okay?" was his answer.

 I find it deplorable that he targets people of a certain religion for discrimination and his supporters cheer! I find it deplorable that one of his supporters attacked two women in New York City for wearing their hijab, and did it in his name. I find it deplorable that a man firebombed a mosque and said that he was this man's supporter. 
 I find it deplorable that this hateful man talks of putting up a wall along our borders, and calls people of Mexican descent murderers, rapists, and drug dealers. 
  I find it deplorable that he calls for a judge of Mexican descent to recuse himself from a lawsuit against this buffoon because "He's a Mexican!"  He calls the New York State Attorney General a 'Political Hack' because he is looking into wrong doing by this man.
  I find it deplorable that the Attorney General of Florida decided not to look into joining an investigation into alleged fraud by his 'University' after he gave her a substantial donation.
  I find it deplorable that he steadfastly refuses to release his taxes as every candidate has done in the past.
  I find it deplorable that this man constantly lies, every day, and does not seem to pay any price for it.
 I find it deplorable that he talks about "Shooting those people out of the water" for making gestures at our warships. I find it deplorable that he talks about using nuclear weapons in Europe like it would be the normal thing to do. 
 I find it deplorable that this .... coward.... got deferred because of bone spurs in his foot, and now he cannot remember which foot. He joins the ranks of such patriotic chickenhawks as Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, Ted Nugent
 Finally, I find it deplorable that he is constantly excused for his bad acts by people whom I know are intelligent. They tell me "Oh, he's just rough around the edges because he's a businessman, not a politician!' Yes, he's a businessman who has gone bankrupt three times that I can think of. When I brought this up, I was told that he was just using the existing laws, so that's okay. Yes... it's okay, unless you are someone who worked for this man, or did work for him and were stiffed by him.
  Is this really what we've come to in this country? Once the beacon of freedom and justice for all in the world, we have become a laughing stock in the world. We should be a leader in the world when it comes to the way women are treated. We are not. 
 We should be number one in healthcare. We are not. We should be the leader in education. We no longer are. We should be the leader in the way that workers are treated. We were the ones to be admired, but that is no longer the case. 

 Now, I know that many of his supporters will come back at me with why Secretary Clinton is deplorable. Don't bother. I know all of the rhetoric that has been put out there and, frankly, I am tired of it. This has been a tiring campaign that started much too early. Somehow, the Party of Lincoln has been hijacked by a very dangerous charlatan. I am worried about the future of the country that I did not run away from when it needed my service. I am worried about the undercurrent of hate that has seemed to come bubbling to the surface during this campaign. I am worried about the future of my grandchildren, whom I love very dearly. I am concerned about the recent spate of antisemitism that has surface again, along with the anti Muslim hatred that seems to go hand in hand with it. I am worried about the anti immigrant rhetoric that gets more and more hateful every day!
  We need to remember that we are all immigrants to this country. The only natural citizens have been marginalized and had their land stolen from them.
 If my writing seems rambling, that's because I have not had a restful nights sleep in months. This country that I love- This beautiful Democratic Republic- seems to be on the verge of self destructing- turning itself over to someone who has no regard for individual rights, or the constitution. A man who says that he want's to protect the rights of citizens even as he talks about trampling on them. This is a man who's claim to fame is that he is a reality television star and a hit and miss business man who wants to be the first authoritarian president in this country's history. We should all be afraid.
I ask that everyone take a moment to reflect on their own actions since this hateful season began a year and so many months ago. I ask everyone to take a breath and try to be kind to everyone that they come in contact with. Make a good difference in the world.

 John Zaffino Kent Lakes New York
 September18, 2016


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