Wake Up World Leaders!

I am sitting here tonight, stunned and saddened by the slaughter and neglect of such a large segment of society. We have the refugees in Darfur, Sudan: 300,000 slaughtered, and 2.3 million displaced. This has been going on for years now. The souls of those lost cry out to the world, but seem to fall on deaf ears. Now, we have all of the refugees from the horrors of the ISIS wars in Syria and Iraq. They are fleeing death and mutilation from a group that vows world domination. So many have died just trying to get away. Those who make it are subject to being interred in refugee camps. So many have drowned, or died from other causes, in their desperate bid to find freedom from the horrors of these wars. Men, Women, Children... the very old, the very young, all desperately seeking a way out, a way to survive. In Hungary, they are put in camps by the government. If they choose to leave, they face a long walk to Austria so that they can get to Germany, which has promised them asylum. The Hungarian government has forbidden taxis and other modes of transportation from giving them assistance. The citizens Hungary have started to line the roads to give these poor people water and other things to make their journey easier. This shows that there is good in the common citizens. At last report, the Hungarian government has sent busses to take the refugees to the border, but the refugees are afraid to get on the busses, fearing that they will be sent back to the camps.
What can be done to help in both of these disasters? The United Nations member nations must step up to give humanitarian aid, for a start. To turn their backs and do nothing is unconscionable. ISIS must be defeated. The slaughter cannot be allowed to continue. The Sudanese government and those who continue to oppress these refugees in Darfur must be held to account. The last time that there was such disaster, the Nazi's were sending people to die in gas chambers.
Now, I know that there are many people who will say that this is not our problem. I will have many who say that the US does enough. Maybe we do, when we act alone. This is not just a European Problem.. this is not just an African problem. Like it or not, we are a global community that has been shrunken by the very technology that gives us access to so many good things.
We need to stop thinking about this as if it does not affect us. Like it or not, it does. If nothing else, we are all of the human race and, therefore, all connected.
If you don't agree with me... that's fine. This is just one man's opinion. If you feel that you must dispute what I said, that is fine as well, just don't be hateful or racist about it.
As always, I wish you Peace, Love, and Tranquility. Goodnight.


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