September 14, 2015 
 Good Evening, my friends. I don't have anything special to say tonight, only that I wish everyone peace, love, and tranquility during this beautiful holiday season. There is so much turmoil and hatred in the world: ISIS and it's hatred of everything. They kill, maim, and grind anyone under their heels of hatred. The regime in Syria who gasses and bombs it's own people, and of course, any government that thinks its a good idea to wage war on others because they do not subscribe to their way of thinking.
We are all individuals... we all have our own thoughts on the way to being a right thinking people. Where we go wrong is when we try to force everyone to think as we do. Not everyone is a a Muslim. Not everyone is a Jew. Not everyone is a Christian.. or a Wiccan.. or a Spiritualist, or an agnostic, or an atheist. It doesn't matter what religion or lack of religion you are, as long as you respect and acknowledge everyone's right to worship, or not to worship, as they wish. This was what the founders of the United States wanted. This is what any right thinking person should feel.
If I have offended anyone, well, then I guess that you needed to be offended. We are a diverse species who find different ways to relate to our existence. Everyone needs to find a way to anchor themselves, and to explain their existence. We, as an intelligent species, must find a way to stop the fighting, and to accept everyone's thoughts on why we exist. We must stop killing each other. We must stop finding reasons to hate. Instead, we must find common ground to love each other.

 I wish you all, Peace, Love, and Tranquility
John Zaffino Kent Lakes, New York


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