September 13, 2015
On this, the beginning of the Holiday Season, which runs from Rosh Hashanah, through Yom Kippur, to Thanksgiving, and through Christmas and New Year; we should all reflect on what has been handed down to us over the centuries and how we are the keepers of the flame. We, as a people, have come so far, and yet, have so far still to go. We should all try to be good and respectful to one another. It doesn't matter what religion that you follow... it doesn't matter if you follow no religion at all. What matters is that we all should respect each other, and be accepting of everyone's beliefs. I say accepting, not tolerating, because accepting means that we realize that we all have differences and respect that. Tolerating means that you are putting up with the differences..
Being kind to everyone that you meet does not require much of an effort. Being kind just means that you are nice to each other. I try to live my life to this way of thinking. Do I always succeed? Probably not.. I have my moments! Does it mean that I don't always strive to be this way? No! I try to be a good person in everything that I do. No one could ask for more.
Goodnight. I wish you all Peace, Love, and Tranquility

John Zaffino, Kent Lakes New York
John joh


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