Advise and Consent? ... The Continuing Assault On The Presidency

Before I get to my point, let me say this: I wouldn't care if the current administration was Democrat or Republican. What's right is right, and what is going on in this Senate and Congress is just wrong.
This Mitch McConnell and the other senators who stand in defiance of the constitution are everything that is wrong with this current government. Oh, I know my friends on the right will say that they are doing the right thing. I am here to tell you that they are not. It it their job to hold hearings on any candidate or nominee that the president puts forth. It's right there in the constitution. If they don't want to consider anyone that the President puts forth, there is a right way to do this. The can hold hearings and, if they find that this nominee is unacceptable, they can reject him. This is the correct way to do it. This is their duty.
 However, these opposition politicians refuse to do what is required of them. They don't want to give the nominee a fair hearing. They want to do everything that they can do to upstage and resist this President. This has been their policy since the President was elected, and it only got worse after he was re-elected. This is just the latest in a continuing assault on the right of this President to govern. Instead of doing their job.... or even pretending to do it, they stand in open opposition to this President and, in fact, the constitution that they say that they love so much. They refuse to follow protocol, and say that they want the right to nominate to go to the next President after the election. Well, they are wrong, as they have been all through this President's administration. McConnell has stated that his one objective was to make the President a one term President. He failed in that, but he continues to do whatever he can do to foil and upstage the President. 
  There will come a reckoning, at some point, for the failure of this congress to do anything productive. There will come a time when sitting on ones hands, holding one's breath until your face turns blue, will cost you! This has been the most contentious congress since Truman's 'Do Nothing' 80th congress. 
  I hate what has been going in in Washington for the last 8 years, and I am not talking about the Obama Presidency. While I don't think that the President has been completely effective, he has managed to get the economy to improve, despite the roadblocks thrown up by the disloyal opposition. All that I can hope for is that the current cast of characters will soon be voted out, and that a more reasonable group will be voted in.
 Let me give one caveat to these miscreants, these pols who posture and defy everything that this administration puts forth: What will you do when the next President is again a Democrat? Will you continue to refuse to work with that person? Or will you finally come to your senses and try to get this country moving again? Look around you.. the very ground that we are standing is crumbling because of your refusal to take any action. Bridges and tunnels are falling apart. Every moment that you sit in smug defiance, you put thousands of lives at risk. This is not the American Democracy that I honorably served. This is not what I believe in. 
  This is my opinion, and my opinion alone. I will stand by it as I watch the continuing circus that is the primary season. I think, I hope, that in the long run, this ship of state will sail on in a righteous manner .
  As always, I wish you all, Peace, Love, and Tranquility.
 John Zaffino,  March 16, 2016
 Kent Lakes, New York


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