We all have had heroes growing up, whether it was a sports star, or some Rock and Roll idol, or idols... someone that we wanted to be like. I had my heroes, some silly teen-aged idols, some political; but let's think about this. We had real heroes who were in our lives all along. They did what they had to do every day... without complaint, without looking for adoration. These real-life heroes were the fathers.
 They went out to work each and every day to earn a living to support their family. They worked hard, without complaint, not looking for and special recognition, to make the lives of their families better. They put food on the table. They worked with their wives to make a beautiful home for their children. They were there to try to guide us all to be good people. If you needed them, they were there. They gave counsel when you needed it; they stayed out of it when they knew that they should. Most of all, they were always there. They may have been strict disciplinarians, or they may have been that soft touch. Mothers and Fathers always seem to be able to balance each other out; but they were there. 
  Whether they were you birth father, or your step father, or your adopted father, they were there for you. They cried when you graduated High School. If you went to college, they were ready to burst with pride when you graduated! When you married, they cried like a baby, because they knew that no one would be up to their opinion of who you should marry. 
 They are your confessor, they are your confidant. You may treat them as a sage, or you may think that you know better and that they are out of touch. 
  The long and short of it is that they will love you and support you, no matter what. This man will be your rock until the end of time.
  Time is a thief. It takes our memories and steals away with them. On fathers day, please remember your fathers, no matter what. Honor him, enjoy him, because the time that you have him is short. I remember my father and my grandfathers, and Father's Day is my day to cherish their memories, and to lament the time that I have lost in honoring them. 
  Happy Father's Day to all.
  John Zaffino Kent Lakes, New York 
  June 21,v2015


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