Greed and Hypocracy

Another phony pol bites the dust! I am so sick of those who claim to be righteous and religious, and who have the audacity to pass judgement on others, being exposed for the hypocrites that they are! Hastert is just another in a long line of pols who have the audacity to pass judgement on gay Americans, and those who believe in choice, claiming that they are 'Christian Conservatives". The real Christians, those who believe in ALL that Jesus said, should be appalled and distance themselves from these fakes, phonies, and frauds. Hastert was a man who used his position to make money for himself. He took bribes from the Turks, and took money from all that would buy his vote. I am sick of these pols who sell their positions. I am sick of those who are supposed to serve the people, instead, use their positions to either enrich themselves, or feed their sexual proclivities.
Because of Hastert, and so damned many like him, this country is in deep jeopardy. Our jobs are being shipped overseas. Our children are being corrupted, and our beloved country continues to decline.
I am a proud American Veteran who believes that our best years are not behind us, but are yet to come. We need to take care of our citizens. We need to rebuild and maintain our infrastructure, and we must tell these corporations that we will not tolerate them shipping American jobs overseas. This is the only way that we can continue as a viable Democratic Republic!, Yes, Disney, Verizon, AT&T, and all the other companies who increase their profits at the expense of jobless American Workers, this means YOU! If you want to continue to do business, and make profits from, America... then you must hire American workers! If not, then get the hell out of here! We don't want you, and we don't need you.
I love this country... this is why I served 4 years active duty, and 2 in the reserves of the United States Marine Corps! I am sick to death of watching us go into decline, because these multinational companies squeeze every last dime out of their companies by cutting workers and benefits. I am tired of the Romneys, and the Kochs. I believe in the American worker. Stand up! Tell them all that you will not take it anymore! Fight for your country... not on the battlefield, but in the marketplace. Do not let them destroy us. All of these greedy hypocrites must be exposed and stopped. The success of our country depends on it.

 Wishing Peace and Love to all who want it.

Friday, June 5, 2015

 Kent Lakes New York.


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