What has happened to people in our society? We seem to have lost any regard for those who raised us, or came before us. RESPECT... it's a simple word, and a simple concept; yet, so many have lost the ability to respect anyone, or any thing, that they do not agree with. It has come to the point where the younger generation does not acknowledge a death, or a sad occurance in the lives of those who came before them. 
 Oh, I do not mean everyone. I have had so much grief in my family in the past year, and my family, for the most part, have responded with love and respect. First, I lost my godmother, Aunt Mary Huffman, last October. Then, my great nephew, Damien, died this past Spring. My cousin, Phil Cassara, died just a few months ago, in July.  The outpouring of support and love from my dear friends across the world, overwhelmed me. Yet, there were those that should have been among the first to come forward to offer support, were dead silent.. These same people demand that I respect and love them for who and what they are. Well, I have taken enough disrespect from them over the years. I have always supported them, and helped them whenever I could, and yet they continually show me that they do not respect me or my darling wife. Not only do they not respect us, they shower us with contempt! It breaks my heart.
  I always try to respect everyone. It does not matter what religion, what ethnic group, or anything else that they belong to. The point is that I  respect and accept what they believe in, and who they are. Sadly, some of them do not offer me... do not offer US, the same courtesy. I/we have been called 'Low class  trash'... well, I submit to you that anyone who does not offer condolences to those who are grieving, to those who are suffering, are the real 'Low class trash!'. I am sad for you all...but, I will not forgive you! The love in my heart extends to all who want it.. to all who reach out and love me back... not for who I am, but just for the fact that I am a good human being.
 To my family, who loves and respects me, and to my great friends around the world, I want you to know that I love and respect and support you all, no matter what your political beliefs, no matter what you believe... I love you all.
 To those of you who find that they must do everything that they can to humiliate us because they do not support our beliefs, I can offer you nothing. If you hate us, if you feel that you must do everything that you can to destroy us, I can only tell you that you will never succeed. Still, I wish you happiness, as long as it does not interfere with ours.
 Love and Peace to all of my dear friends, as always.
 John Zaffino, Kent Lakes, New York
 September 5, 2014


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