The Politics of Hate

  I remember when President Barack Obama was elected. Suddenly, I had my email inbox filled with so many emails calling him an illegitimate president. So much hatred was directed at this man, from so many people that I counted as friends. Now... let me just tell you, I did not vote for the President in his first election. I didn't vote for him because I thought, at the time, that he did not have enough experience to be President. First of all, he had only been a Senator for a short time. Secondly,  and I say this with some distress today... I admired John McCain for his honor, and his service to this country.
  When President Obama ran for reelection, he had won us over. His talk of hope, and the example that he set, along with his beautiful wife, won me over. Race was never an issue. Religion, I could care less about. Yet, so many Americans called all of this into play. I had friends inundate my email with hateful anti-Obama emails. They called into question his citizenship (If they had checked.. his mother was an American Citizen, which automatically made him an American Citizen!) They called into question his religion. He is a Christian.. but there can be no religious test to become President. There were people that I had much respect for... that I served with in the Marine Corps... that took the radical and hate-filled road. I have to tell you, they did all of this before the man ever took office!
  I have no room in my heart for hate. I have no room in my life for people who would exclude others because of their ethnicity, their color, their religion, or their beliefs! I am hurt that so many would send me such hatred, and then be angry because I asked them to stop. These were people that I grew up with! These were members of my family! These were people that I served with! 
 I have lived in a world, with my beautiful wife, where we had no discrimination. We accept all, and we love all peace loving people. We came to grips, long ago, with the differences that people have. My beautiful wife is Jewish. I am someone who is still searching for the meaning of it all. I was raised Catholic, but I could not accept that this was the only answer to all of our problems. 
  So many people that I thought were my friends, discarded me like I was so much garbage, simply because I did not agree with their hatred. In the long run, it will be okay, because I am simply being true to myself, and my beliefs. I cannot tolerate hate of any kind. I am trying to become a bette person.
  I ask all of my like minded friends to continue on the path that they have chosen. Love and acceptance is the true path to love and enlightenment. Hate and anger only breeds more hate and anger.
  I salute President and Michelle Obama for setting an example of dignity, and what a beautiful family can be.
  If you don't agree with me.. you can simply post your hatred on your own walls. Hatred is not tolerated here. I will delete anything nasty that you have to say.
  While I'm at it... let me just say this... the Right makes a big deal about the Clintons being investigated for the last thirty years. Right! You just make my point. Secretary Clinton has never been charged with a crime; and, believe me, she would have, if only her enemies could find something. They have not.


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