The Circus Is In Town

Donald Trump is a bully and a coward. Of course, all bullies are cowards at heart. Donald Trump likes to ridicule and disparage people who stand up to him. He doesn't engage them in a debate.... no, he chooses to call them names and minimize anything that they have done. Case in point: John McCain. This bully said that he was no hero, despite the fact that Captain McCain, while a prisoner of war, declined being repatriated to the US because others had been POW's longer than he, and such early release was prohibited by the POW's interpretation of the military Code of Conduct: To prevent the enemy from using prisoners for propaganda, officers were to agree to be released in the order in which they were captured. McCain served with honor, while Trump used various deferments to keep from serving. As I said earlier, a coward. Case in point: Megyn Kelly of FOX News. She was the moderator of the first Republican debate and had the audacity to challenge Mr. Trump about his abusive words about women with whom he has had disagreements with. He reveled in the fact that some of his supporters called her a 'Bimbo'. Really? Despite the fact that I am not a person who watches FOX News, Ms. Kelly does come with some pretty heavy credentials. Megyn Kelly has a law degree... she is no Bimbo, despite the fact that Fox uses her good looks to attract male viewers. She is an intelligent young woman, who happens to be attractive. This is no crime. This does not make her a 'Bimbo'. 
  Trump did not like that she brought up the disparaging remarks that he has made about other women, like Rosie O'Donnell. Trump said that he is tired of being 'Politically Correct!'.. well, I'm not a fan of Politically Correctness, either. However, this not give one the right to bully others. This does not give someone, especially someone who has filed for bankruptcy three times. Trump Plaza, Trump Hotels and Casinos, and Trump Airlines, all filed for bankruptcy. Trump claimed during the debates that he "Saw the handwriting on the wall, and pulled out of Atlantic City"... an out and out lie. He was forced out because of mismanagement of his hotel and casino.
  Donald Trump is a showman. He lives for the spotlight, but he is a human being who is lacking any humility. He talks about Mexican immigrants and how 'They are rapists and drug dealers..' and yet, these are the same people who work in is various businesses. 
  Now, I know that many of my friends take his talking points to heart. I know that many think that he is a brilliant businessman who would work to bring the U.S. back to prominence. I urge you to think again. Think Kasich, or Bush, or anyone else. I am not a Conservative, but I would vote for any of the others before this megalomaniac. I know that many of my friends will disagree with me. That's fine.. that is what the United States is all about... we can disagree and still be friends and citizens. This guy is not what you want, despite the fact that he may hit all of your talking points. He is still a bully and a coward.
  Let me remind everyone how much I love this country. I served with pride, while this man, and many chickenhawks like him, looked desperately for ways to avoid service. I have nothing but disdain for these people. They found ways not to serve when many of my friends and acquaintances did their duty, and died for and ideal. 
 On that note, I will just say that I wish each and every one of you Peace, Love, and Tranquility.

 John Zaffino Kent Lakes, NY
 August 8, 2015


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