Mother's Day

Mothers Day:
  What is a mother? She is the person that has nurtured you throughout you growth. She is the person who was always there for you; to dry your tears. To pick you up and brush you off when you fell. She's the one person who was always there to cheer you on when did well. She was there when you failed, and told you that the loss, or the failure, was not the end of the world.. that you would do better next time.. that you would overcome whatever your weakness or your failure was. She sternly told you to stop feeling sorry for yourself when things got rough, and to do better. She was there to clean and bandage your wounds, and to stand up for you when some put you down. 
  A mother may have been the woman who gave birth to you, but not necessarily. A mother is the woman who worried about you and took care of you all through your childhood. A mother is the woman who was always there for you, through good times and bad. She was there when you met your first love, and she was there when your heart got broken and it seemed like the end of your world had come. She counseled you, whether you thought that you needed it or not, and her advise was right on, most of the time. She gave you all the love in her heart, and she selflessly gave you whatever she could. A mother is the one that all of us relied on, through good times and bad. 
  A mother is often given a short shrift in life, because people tend to get wrapped up in their own accomplishments after they have grown. This is not always the case, but it happens more often than we would like to think.
  Today, Mother's Day, 2015, take the time to honor the woman who gave you life. The first woman to hold you close and kiss you and tell you that you were the most wonderful thing that ever happened to her. Give her the respect and love that she so richly deserves. She is with us for a time that, no matter how many years it is, is never enough. Let her know how much you love her and respect her. Let her know how much she means to all that you have become; because, without her, you would not be here.
  Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. Love and Peace is my wish for all.
  John Zaffino. May 9, 2015
   Kent Lakes, New York


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