Memorial Day, 2015

 Another Memorial Day is upon us, and as each year passes, the reason for this day seems to be diminished. It's a sad day of reflection for me, as I think about those who stood for the greater good and gave their all. 
  The members of the Greatest Generation are all but gone from the current scene. They stood, as one, to preserve the rights of a free people to exist. The horrors that they uncovered, both in the European and Pacific theaters of war are well documented. Yet, there are so many today who choose to forget the sacrifices of these great men and women. They all came together to fight for the freedoms that we all enjoy today. We must never forget their sacrifices. We must never forget those who were designated for annihilation by those who claimed to be the master races.
  I spend these days reflecting on the efforts of those who wished a better future for us all. It was an effort that the entire generation of a free people voluntarily sacrificed for. So many died, willingly, so that we might be free.
  So, as you have your barbecues and family gatherings on this day... remember those who gave their all so that you might have such gatherings.. so that you might breathe the free air, and continue to live in relative freedom. Take a few moments to give thanks to those who gave so much so that you could be free.
  I don't care what your political beliefs are, just remember that because so many were willing to give their all, you have the right and the obligation to continue to express your beliefs. 
 Love and Peace to All, as always!
 John Zaffino
 Kent Lakes, New York
 Memorial Day, 2015


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