Chris Kyle, An American Hero

We went to see American Sniper today, and two of our older granddaughters went with us, at their request. It was a very intense film, and true to life. It brought tears, anger, and respect. Respect for those who quietly go about their jobs to protect the lives of others. It's a terrible thing to have to take another person's life, but they do it to protect the lives of countless numbers of others. They suffer for it after their service is done.
  To Michael Moore, and his ilk, who said ugly, dismissive  things about Chris Kyle.... You walk through this country, breathing the free air, and making whatever statements that you wish... Perhaps you would rather walk down the streets of Baghdad, or in one of the warlord dominated villages in Afghanistan, than where you are today; why don't you try it, you over-fed elitist scumbag! You want to call Chris Kyle a coward? Listen to me, you you piece of garbage,  if it wasn't for men like this, who put their lives on the line every single day, you would either be dead, or quoting the texts of a religion that you do not believe in. You would not be able to make your hateful comments, without the fear of having your ugly head separated from your body. I hate what you say, even if I support your right to say it. It's my right to say that I find you a despicable human being for being able to revel in the freedom  to say what you wish, but condemning those who defend your right to do so. These same bastards, whom you are defending with your idiotic rants, would cut your head off with a dull knife. I am sorry for your twisted view of what this country stands for. I'm sorry that the families of those slander have to hear what you say; that's the price of being free to speak..
 Those who know me, know that I hate war! I am a man who loves peace! I hate the fact that men and women kill each other, whether it's for the religion that they believe in, or the political ideology that they have been led to believe is the way. War is a hateful and terrible thing. There is no glory in killing each other, regardless of what you have been taught. War and killing is a gruesome, horrible thing. It is not something to be proud of.. it is a sometimes necessity to stop the spread of oppression.  War is not the objective of any civilized religion. We must, as a people, stand up, and raise our voices in unison, regardless of religious or political affiliation, and let those who would oppress us know that we will not be cowed.. we will not be silenced. We will stand up against you, as a the human race, and let you know, we will not give in! We will not be silenced! We will, as the human race, defeat you!

  John Zaffino, Kent Lakes New York, January 31, 2015


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