Tis The Season......

 As we enter another Holiday Season, let's try to get along. Recently, the 'Holidays' have become a time of contention... who's celebration is the real  one. Let me tell you, as the product of a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic family... as a someone who married someone who was raised in another religion from the one that I was raised in.. we all need to chill and accept everyone else.
  I don't care if you are a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, or a Wiccan... I don't care if you believe in Jesus, or Buddha, or just the God Of Abraham... I don't care who, or what you believe in.... I respect your beliefs, or your lack of beliefs! I think that we all have a right to worship whomever we believe in, or to not worship anything or anyone, if that is what you wish. What I would love to see is everyone being accepting of the beliefs of everyone else. Differences it what makes the world go 'round. Difference makes life intriguing. 
  I keep hearing that there is a 'War on Christmas'. Well, I believe that the 'War' is in the minds of those who believe that there is no room for any belief but theirs.. Why can't we just all celebrate what we wish to celebrate? What is wrong with believing in Chanukah? Or just celebrating the Solstice? Or celebrating Kwanza? What is wrong with just loving the season, without having a religious connotation to it? Why can't we just celebrate 'Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards All?"
  I love the season. I never put a religious connotation to it, at least not as an adult. It saddens me to see the legal actions against towns and villages because they have a creche in the public square. Why can't we just live and let live? Why do people have to get up in arms about something, simply because it does not represent their view of the world?
  I feel that the world would be a sad place without the Holiday Season. Even in the days of the old Soviet Union, they found that they could not just ignore the joys of the Holidays. Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or a non-believer,  you need to just give in and to with the joys of the season. It all started with the Solstice, and now we celebrate whatever you joyous heart desires. There is no need for arguments. Let's just go with 'Peace On Earth, Good Will Towards. All"
  Happy Holidays, Everyone... no matter what you believe!
 Peace and Love to All
 John Zaffino, Kent Lakes New York
 Novewmber 28, 2014


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