Reluctant Politics

 A week or so ago, I posted on my Facebook page that I was backing away from politics on facebook, except for my blog. Well, circumstances being what they are, I need to post my thoughts on the political situation in this country. This is my take on it, and my take alone. If you feel an urge to comment, please do. It will not change my mind. I carefully study every position that I take, Every vote that I cast, and these opinions are mine, and mine alone. Do not attempt to change my mind.. my positions and my feelings come from a lifetime of experience.
  I am very disappointed in this President.  I approved of his message of hope, but i feel that he has let us down, and missed his calling. I find that he has been very indecisive in so many areas. He should have stood up to the far right and moved his agenda forward. Instead, we are still left with a crumbling infrastructure, and a half assed healthcare plan. Oh, it's better than nothing, but it should have been made to be under a single payer, instead of this mis-mash that we have. The President let these damned extreme right wingers bully him into the mess that we have. Hopefully, it will eventually right itself. 
 This is not to say that the congress, those miscreants that run the government, are without blame. No, they must take the brunt of my wrath. They have blocked every initiative that would advance the average person outright. They bow to the multinational corporations and do all that they can to thwart anything that would benefit Mr. and Mrs. Joe Average. We have bridges, highways, tunnels, and every other kind of infrastructure, falling apart.. yet, they balk at every attempt to correct these problems. They do nothing to stop our porous borders. They argue and rip at their garments, yet nothing gets done. They point fingers at each other, while the situation in the country deteriorates with each passing second. It is a sad state of affairs in the United States, at this point.
  I must tell you that I am an American Patriot. I won't be pigeonholed  to a certain political party or belief. I believe in the American Democratic Republic. I also believe that, if we don't help each other out, we are no better than the third world countries that the elitists disdain. We must be better than that. We must help those of us less fortunate to get a leg up. If not, we are doomed to failure. The least of us must be helped to succeed, or we are no better than others who exploit the downtrodden.
 I said that I was disappointed in the President.. this does not mean that I would change my vote. I will not vote for anyone who helps send jobs to other countries, simply because it's cheaper to have them done there. I will not support a politician who helps these multinational corporations avoid sovereign Untited States taxation. I will not support those who grind their heels into the necks of the working man. I believe in helping each other, and working together to make a more perfect union.
  If my beliefs upset anyone, I'm sorry. I am nothing, if not honest. I have worked my entire life to make things better for people around me. I will continue to do so until I draw my last breath. Love and peace to you all, and bless this beautiful country.
 John Zaffino
 Kent Lakes, New York
 October 15, 2014


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