Goodbye, My Dear Friend

Today, we sent our dear friend, Dan Viola, off in style. Claudia brought his ashes back from the west coast to be spread in his town. We all miss Dan so very much. Claudia said that he didn't think that people loved him; well, today showed that they did. He had many friends, from all walks of life. He was a sweet and gentle man who was well loved by the community in which he lived and served for so many years
 He was my friend. That says enough. This is a man who I would hug and kiss on his cheek without any embarrassment.  I spent many nights sitting and talking to him, long after the bar was closed, and the doors locked. He respected and loved me, and I will always love and respect him. This was a man of the people. This was a man of his community, who was loved and respected by all who ever came in contact with him. I love you, Dan Viola, and I will miss you until the day that I join you.
 Claudia, my dear friend. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to honor him and to show our respect and love for him. You are a beautiful lady, who was a loving wife. Blessings to you all.
 Dan, my beautiful friend, Rest In Peace, and know that you were loved and respected.
  John Zaffino 11/09/13


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