It's a Miracle!

The following is my Blog on my Sensa Profile Page. I felt that I wanted to share it with everyone:

 I was desperate to lose weight! I had put on 60 pounds from when I quit smoking on July 19, 2010 to the end of October, 2010. I had smoked for 52 years. I never had a smokers cough and, according to my pulmonologist, my lungs and lung capacity almost made it appear that I had never smoked. I did, however, suffer from cardiovascular disease and had to have stents put in my renal arteries and one coronary artery. Another was also blocked, but the heart had made a path around the blockage. 
 Still, I enjoyed smoking, and had no intention of quitting. Then, my wife was diagnosed with COPD, and there was no question that I had to quit, both so that she would quit, and that she would not be inhaling second hand smoke. 
 When I talked to my cardiologist and my Primary doctor about the weight gain, both told me that they would rather see me fat and not smoking, then thin and still smoking. Besides, they said, your weigh will level off and begin to drop once your metabolism adjusts to not having the nicotine. 
 Well, it didn't. I would say that my metabolism just said "My work is done here!" Packed up and left town. I didn't eat any more, but I didn't eat any less, either. It got to the point where just bathing every day was an effort. Despite the fact that my lungs were fine, I was always out of breath. My back, which has been bad from working as a telephone universal tech for years, was getting worse despite two surgeries. I could not stand for long, and my knees and hips were giving me fits. I then decided to look into weight loss surgery. I went to the seminars and had an interview and my BMI qualified me for the surgery, which Medicare and my secondary health insurance would pick up 80% of the tab for. It was the 7 other doctors that I had to see, plus the co-pays and tests that would cost me a small bundle. I got all the prescriptions for the docs, but in the meantime, I heard about Sensa and did a little research. I watched the good doctor's appearance on Dr. Oz, and researched his successes. I decided to give it a try, since the first couple of months were free. It seemed to be working, because I dropped down in weight. However, I still was not sure, because I had seen fluctuations in the past. 
 By the time of my July weigh in, there was no denying it. I had lost 16 pounds. I was ecstatic! I kept sprinkling and ignoring the call of the in-between meal hunger pangs, and ate a decent meal three times a day. I switched from a dinner plate to a dessert plate for my meals. I cut out most bread, except for the occasional sandwich on a Pita, and one slice of toast in the morning with coconut oil spread instead of butter to go along with my two egg breakfast. I allowed myself two spoonfuls of no sugar added Perry's ice cream at night. I still drink a couple of pots of coffee a day, as I have my whole life. I am not addicted.... I just love it, and always have.
 Still, I was a bit apprehensive when I got on the scale for my August weigh in. First thing in the morning on August 16, 2013, I got on the scale. The dial whirled and eventually settled. 210! 210! It appeared that I had not lost another pound. I had not gained, either; but the thought that I had not lost at all in the preceding month deflated me. I told my wife, and she said not to be discouraged, that I had just plateaued for a bit, and that the weight loss would resume in a short time. This, she said, was normal. She had just gone through a remarkable weight loss herself, so I agreed to keep going and not give up. 
 Later on, I took my shower and groomed my goatee, doing my daily ministrations. Before I got dressed, I stepped on the scale again. The dial spun again, like my own personal wheel of fortune, and stopped on...205! 2----0----5! Two hundred and five pounds!!!! I could not believe my eyes. I got off of the scale, got down on my hands and knees (Something that would have been very difficult and caused me great distress just a few months ago) I checked the adjustment dial, making sure that the scale was on the money. It was, but I moved it anyway, and then zeroed the scale again. I got back on... the dial spun.... Two Hundred and Five pounds!! I don't know what had happened that morning, but I checked and re-checked again, and this was correct. I had now lost a total of 21 pounds! I posted that I had lost 20, just to be on the safe side, but I had lost 21 pounds in just three short months. 
 I have to tell you, I feel better. I can do normal things without huffing and puffing. My back pain, while still there, does not keep me from moving around freely. The same with my knees. My face and head, which just a couple of months ago looked like my neck(s) were in a straight line, no longer looked bloated and like a pumpkin. An added bonus: The rosacea which I have suffered from for years, is just about gone! 
 Sensa works! There is no doubt in my mind about that now. It's not cheap, but it's cheaper than surgery, and not dangerous and invasive. I love it, and will continue to use throughout my life. It's a beautiful thing!
 I will check back with you all again next month.


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