Beware of Anarchist Groups.

In 1934, a group of industrialists, unhappy with the direction that President Roosevelt was taking the country, attempted to recruit a group of WW I veterans to mount an armed insurrection and overthrow the democratically elected government and install a facist type dictatorship in it's place. They might have accomplished this, save for the man that they recruited to lead the insurrection: two time medal of honor winner and Marine Corps General, Smedley T. Butler. Although a vocal critic of the administration, General Butler was true to his oath, to protect and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The plot was foiled, the conspirators were never prosecuted because they represented the rich and powerful of the time. If the plot had succeeded, things would have been very different, and the outcome of WWII may very well have been very different, and the course of the history that we all remember today would have been changed forever.
 Right now, there is an anarchistic group out there, that is trying to recruit people to that mind-set again. I stumbled on a group through a posting on one of the legitimate groups on facebook, that has since been taken down. I thought that it was a Marine Corps site, since this was how this character presented himself, as a retired Sgt.  in the Corps  who had served with honor. For all I know, this part of his story may be true. It's the other, more insidious, treasonous part that scares me, because I know that there are people that will follow him. It started with his posting of a video, with the request that no one make any remarks until they had watched the whole video.
 It starts out with a man wearing a Marine Corps uniform and a mask, his voice altered, explaining how our concept of what the founding fathers envisioned was wrong. It was not meant to be a democracy at all, it was meant to be a Republic. He goes on to try to explain why a Democracy is wrong and cannot work. He gives an example of majority rule in this manner: You buy a bicycle. The majority in the country decides that the bicycle is not yours and takes it away. Majority rule, right? This is, of course, a ludicrous example of a democracy. What he goes on to promote is really a totalitarian type of government under the guise of a Republic. We go to the polls and choose a group of representatives from a group selected by a committee. They, in turn, select from amongst themselves, a President. This, they claim, is what the founder wanted.
  This man, this group, are calling for armed insurrection against the government of duly elected representatives. This, my friends, is treason. No Marine who remembers his or her oath to the Corps and Country, would do such a thing. We live in a country of laws. We may not all, at any given time, be happy with the results of an election, or the decisions of the congress, but there are remedies under the constitution. A president may be impeached, if he commits a crime; a member of congress or the Senate may be censured and even removed for behavior that is found to be criminal. What we do not do is overthrow  government simply because we are not happy with the results of an election. There have been contested elections in the past, but never has there been a duly elected government in the United States Of America violently overthrown. The complaints begin almost immediately after the last election is called. There are always unhappy people, whether it be on the right or the left. Out country is almost so evenly divided that half of the electorate is going to be unhappy. That half has got to live with it. that is the price of living in a very free country. It never ceases to amaze me that there are fringe elements that call for things such as secession, impeachment, and civil disobedience almost right away. To them, I have to say "Your turn will come again... deal with it. It's not the end of the world."
   Now, I am watching this group. You cannot hide your activities from everyone, and I am sure that the authorities are well aware of your call for rebellion. They are letting it play out, for now, but I would be careful, if I were you. I am a veteran, and a patriot. I am not always happy about the direction that the leadership is taking the country, but I will follow the remedy laid out for me by the founding fathers. I will vote my conscience when the time comes. In the meantime, I will Always, support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States Of America. God Bless you All, and God Bless the United States.
 -John Zaffino
January 29. 2013 


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