Verizon Showing It's True Colors Again. (And they ain't red, white, and blue)

You've got to hand it to Verizon. For chutzpah, they manage to exceed every other greedy corporation out there. Today, they have announced a rate increase for all FiOS subscribers. They are increasing the download speeds for some, while increasing the rates that subscribers will pay. Here is the new rate table.

Standard 15/5Mbps service: (Was $54.99/mo) now up $10 to $64.99
50/25Mbps service: (Was $74.99/mo for 25/25Mbps) remains $74.99
75/35Mbps service: (New offer) $84.99
150/65Mbps service: (Was $94.99/mo for 50/20Mbps) remains $94.99
300/65Mbps service: (Was $199.99/mo for 150/35Mbps) now $204.99

For some subscribers, this means paying $10.00 a month for no increase in speed., and for the top tiered speed, you will go to $204.00 a month. Poor Verizon. It seems that it just cannot get by on the record profits that they are already raking in, they need to stick it to the consumer more. This, on top of cutting more jobs in the US, and shipping more jobs overseas, and the recently announced rate package for Verizon Wireless Data packages and the end of unlimited data options. Meanwhile, the silence of congress on the job drain is deafening.
Thank you, Verizon, for being such a Patriotic Company. You do so much to help ensure that America's economy continues to stagnate for the average American Citizen, while some profit from the suffering of others. You look to squeeze your workers more and more. You wish to desert your retired workers, and take from the them the health care plan for which they all worked over the years. You look to abandon the traditional  Land Line Business which enabled you to get to where you are today, citing the route that technology seems to have taken the business. Forget the fact that millions still rely on these lines as their only means of communication. Even with your FiOS service, you seem to have stopped expanding it, because you are in negotiations with Comcast to turn the FiOS business over to them, and for them to offer Verizon wireless as part as a Quadruple Play. This would start the Verizon retreat from offering wired services, to eventually offering only wireless.This  will be lucrative for both companies, but a disaster for the consumers. So, as you continue on your mission to rip off the consumer, and turn your back on the American Worker, I have only this to say to you: "Terrific! You make me proud to have worked for you!"..... Not!


  1. Having just dumped the Comcast village idiots two months ago for Verizon FIOS, I feel like we were conned, plied with lies and hollow promises. Why should it surprise me, or anyone else, who has dealt with Verizon, on any level?

    Supposedly, we "locked-in" to our current rate for services but calls to Verizon brought nothing more than "a Customer Service Representative" will call you back....". No return calls have been received and it's obvious that all hell is breaking loose from Verizon subscribers so the heirarchy is doing what they do best...stalling until they can manufacture more excuses.

    Three weeks ago, we received notice that Verizon was raising rates for equipment in July. A call into Customer Service told us that the hike didn't apply to us...for now. Rest assured that we will get slammed in a few more months time.

    Anyone terminating service prior to contractual end will suffer a penalty. Then, what's the next option...back to asinine Comcast, only to pay even more inflated service rates once negotiations throw FIOS in Comcast's lap?

    Most of us grew up with NY Telephone, Pepsico, IBM, etc., big secure companies that offered a great future with benefits and advancement. For any young person, landing a job with one of them was like grabbing the gold ring on a carousel, it was an American dream.

    Today, it's an American nightmare.

    1. It's true. My Union Brothers and Sisters can attest to that. Yet, we get labeled as lazy and greedy for wanting to keep what we negotiated. I'm an old man now, so for me, it's not as serious as it could be. But those who have come after me and fulfilled their jobs in an honorable manner, they suffer, and will continue to suffer for years to come. The only thing that will shake up this corporate monster is when there are not enough people out there to pay for their services. This won't happen right away, but rest assured it's going to happen eventually.


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