It's Time For Cooperation and Compromise

 What has happened this country? Where did the dynamic, can-do, American Spirit go? I'm talking about the United States of America that my father and my friends fathers handed over to us for safe keeping. The USA that was self-sufficient and able to grow enough to share with the rest of the world. The USA that was the greatest manufacturing force in the history of the world. Where did it all go? And who's fault is it that it has declined? Our two major political parties stand and point the fingers at each other, "It's their fault...." is the cry that you hear from both. Yet, this country thrived under our current system until the last 15 years or so. There was a thing called 'Compromise for the Greater Good'. Where did it go? When did it become 'My way or the highway?'. Well, you know folks, that is an impossible thing these days. One party may have a slight edge on the other at any given time, but things change rapidly. We cannot continue on the road that we are going down. There has to be a sea change, and the Party's have to realize it, and become a part of it. We are all Americans, regardless of political party, religious beliefs, or anything else that might distinguish us as 'Different'. All that must be put aside for the nation to survive and thrive as it once did.
 I remember an America that had a can-do attitude, where people worked in manufacturing and service and had steady, reliable work. None of us were rich in those days; at least not in my neighborhood. Hell, many of us would be considered poor today, but our fathers  all had jobs that paid enough to put food on the table. In Washington, they argued and debated the direction in which the country would to, but they got things done. Eisenhower wanted and interstate highways system? It got done. Kennedy wanted a moon program? It got done. These things added jobs to the economy all around the country. Manufacturing and construction. Now, the highways are falling apart and inadequate, the space program is all but dead. Factories have closed down and moved to places like Indonesia and China. And I am left  standing here, shell shocked, wondering where it all went.
 It's not too late to turn the tide. We must cooperate with each other and make things change for the better. We need to take back all that has been taken from us. It's time for Americans of all political persuasions to stop the bickering, shake hands, and find a solution to the problems that are plaguing us. It won't be easy, but it can be done. All it takes is a little cooperation and a lot of mutual respect. Lets get to it.


  1. Given the current downward spiral of our economic system, one would think that people would rise to the occasion, rather than sticking their heads in the sand.

    I agree with you. Where did our fight go? Our work ethic? When did we morph into a nation of people crying "entitlement" at every turn without contributing in some way?

    Don't get me wrong, those who have worked, payed into the system, are damn well entitled to any/all benefits available. There are just too many who sit on their haunches and expect hand-outs...for doing nothing but taxing the system with their needs.

    We live in a nation rich with technology and people who can develop products and programs right here on our native soil, yet we allow other countries to produce garbage that we purchase on a daily basis. Why? We have the capabilities of manufacturing quality here in the United States but we allow outsiders to reap the profits and compromise our economy.

    It can be done...we need to get our edge back and start kicking some ass, starting with the politicians.

    Excellent post!


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