I'm Tired!

                                      I'm Tired!                     

August 10, 2011

I'm tired, folks.. not just tired from lack of sleep, although this is also true. No, I'm tired because of the constant, daily haranguing from the media about everything and anything. Someone needs to tell me, when we became a country that lives in a perpetual state of crisis? From one day to the next, from one hour to the next, there is something that we rend our garments like the prophets in the old testament, because conditions are so dire, so overwhelming, that we cannot possibly overcome them. From the panicky sissies on Wall Street who SELL, SELL, SELL and the drop of a decimal point, through the crazed media that followed the Casey/Cayley Anthony debacle like it was a religious event, to the loud mouthed pundits such as Limbaugh, Hannity, Matthews, Madow, and the entire group of them from both sides, who predict, with a giggle, the eminent demise of the the United States as we know it, we are constantly assaulted with high decible talk of bad news and gloomy forecasts. It's enough to make a person close their eyes and go to sleep forever. It just wears on you.
Don't get me wrong: I think the Anthony case was a disgrace and the woman should be in jail for life, but it did not justify the national attention that it received. Just here in Newburgh, New York, Marc Bookal was reported missing and never seen alive again after going to the store with his mother's boyfriend. The boyfriend has been charged now with the boys murder, after the body was found. No mention of it in the National Media... why do you suppose that is? I'm just saying, folks, if you are going to be outraged by one crime, obsessed with it, grieve for all of the abused and missing children, not just pretty little girl in Florida.
Limbaugh, my large draft-dodging friend, you do a lot of criticizing and pontificating, but I have never heard one viable solution from that large cavern that you call a mouth. Oh, maybe one... when you said that all drug addicts belong in jail.. no mercy... but, wait... that was until it was revealed that YOU were a drug addict, right? Or is your case special. You never served one day in any branch of the military because you had.... an ANAL CYST! Well, that figures, you coward, all talk no action. The rest of them follow similarly, except for the cyst. Matthews helped sabotage Hillary Clinton's campaign by constantly attacking her from the left and calling her names to help advance President Obama's campaign. He was so blatantly pro Obama, that he actually had to apologize to Senator Clinton at one point. My point is that these pundits run their mouths, give us their skewed analysis and offer no solutions to the problems that they are claiming are so dire. Here's what I say... IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A VIABLE SOLUTION THAT BRINGS BOTH OF THESE CHILDISH, PETULANT PARTIES TOGETHER, JUST SHUT UP!!! YOU ARE EXACERBATING THE SITUATION... and you are giving me a damned headache.
Now, Wall Street.... what can you say about a bunch of people that sell everything if, say, a leader in Greece sneezes? Or if the idiots in congress can't agree on something? This is nothing new, they have never agreed on anything, except for raising their pay, and they never will. Does this mean that you have to have a fire sale and cause all of this stupid panic, so that some Americans who have no clue about what this is all about, stop buying things add to the already bleak financial outlook? No, it doesn't. Be brave in the face of bullshit and hold on to your stocks. Eventually, it will correct itself.. either by the idiots being voted out of office, or by the American people starting to buy again.
I have to add one more thing, for my union brothers and sisters on the picket line at Verizon. CWA/IBEW members, be strong! Verizon made record profits last year, AFTER paying for our healthcare and contributing to the pension fund. Do not give in unless the officers of this company agree to slash their pay and benefits dramatically! Hang in there.
That's all I have to say, folks... thanks for your time...


  1. I'm in total agreement on all that you stated and, like you, I'm so tired of the bullcrap that I rarely turn on the news, choosing to update myself on the internet and then turn my attention elsewhere.

    Why do people feed into the incessant media garble concerning the degenerates in our society? I'd guess, that for some element of our society, it's all their mental abilities can focus on, much like reading those rag tabloids that boast unverified gossip about public figures.

    And, the media "analysts" are nothing more than a group of blowhards putting out their personal issues on any given situation, to create an element of public hysteria, nothing more! Other than having their faces plastered on a screen or in a news column, what credentials do most of possess that renders them authoritative figures on any news item? Even the so called "lawyers" employed by the big networks got blown out of the legal waters after the Anthony trial came to its disgusting halt.

    Regarding the circus-like atmosphere and behaviors in Washington D.C., I won't add to your headache except to say listen...off in the distance, there's the sound of nails being driven into the coffins of many of those political rapists. With each action, or lack thereof, with every meaningless statement that they spew forth, the end to their total mismanagement and destruction of this economy, is getting closer. Will we survive until after the 2012 elections? That's the terrifying part!

    Regarding the stock market, all we can do is hang on...tightly. It's been a bumpy ride since 2007 and it won't be over for a while. Panic paves the way for more loss; as you said, hold on to investments and ride this correction out.

    Verizon...a reprehensible situation for all those ever employed here who trusted in this company. It's time for all of these corporate big-wigs to be given a dose of reality and have what they feel is their "entitlement" drastically reduced. Where did they get the idea that they could act like politicians, anyway?

    Will keep the important people at Verizon in my prayers..corporate can suck wind!

  2. Thank you Patty, I do appreciate it.


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