Zadroga Bill

                                The Zadroga Bill

 I normally do not write two of these things so close together. I don't want anyone to think that I am so full of myself that I think that someone really cares what the hell I think. 
 That being said, I just had to write today because the battle over the 9/11 responders bill, the so called Zadroga bill, so fills me with anger against these arrogant politicians, that I just have to vent it.
 We are talking about people, men and women, firefighters, police, and just civilian volunteers, who went to 'Ground Zero' right after it happened to help out... first to try to find survivors, then just to help recover whatever body parts that they could find. It was nasty, choking work. That site bled smoke for what seemed like forever, and still they went. They were given filtering apparatus that was inadequate. They were assured that, despite the smoke and dust, the air was not hazardous and was safe to breathe. They were lied to. Without question, this is a fact. Now, they are suffering from various related illnesses, and have had to, up to now, pay for their own medications and healthcare. First, the NYC government blocked any attempt to collect from the city. Then, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT refused to pay their medical bills. This is a Damned DISGRACE! There should have been no question, that anyone that went into that area to help out would have there bills paid, and their families taken care of. This was not the case. It turned into another Partisan Washington battle. I don't agree with Chuck Schumer much. But I will tell you, that I agreed with him on this, along with Anthony Weiner. I have heard from some of these elected officials from throughout this country that they wanted to know how these benefits would be paid for. Let me tell you uncaring idiots something, I DON'T CARE HOW THEY WILL BE PAID FOR!!! TAKE IT OUT OF YOUR PAY... YOU DO NOTHING TO EARN IT EXCEPT TAKE PARTISAN POSITIONS AND I AM TALKING ABOUT BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE!!! I am damned MAD about this. I have sat by for years and watched Veterans being kicked around and pushed aside because only a few Senators and Congressman, (John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and John Hall come to mind) will stand up for them. Well, enough is enough. 
 If you stand up and volunteer for hazardous duty in the service of your country, you and your family should be compensated for it. End Of  Story.  I urge all of you to write your elected officials and tell them that this compromise bill does not go far enough. Next time, maybe no one will volunteer... then what? Thank you for reading this.


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