Every morning it's the same deal. I'm up and at 'em at 05:30. It's amazing how one person can influence the way you start your day after only one day. My DI threw a large garbage can down the squad bay that first morning to wake us up at 05:30. That was in April of 1966, and here  I am 44 years later still getting up at this hour. It's all good, though. It gives me a little time with myself to see the world as peaceful before the reality of the chaos that we live with every day sets in. The world seems so fresh and new from the perspective of my sliding glass doors. With coffee in hand, I see a quiet, peaceful woodland. Even I-84, which I can see from the deck, is relatively quiet. This will change quickly in the hours to come.
 Fall arrives today and my beautiful warm Summer will officially draw to a close. I dread the cold weather and the damned snow. I didn't mind it when I was working, but things have taken a turn since I had to retire. Oh, well. This, too, shall pass and the Spring will come in a few short months.
 I am taking Aunt Mary shopping and to breakfast this morning. It helps us both. It gives me a sense of purpose, and it get's her out of the house. She's 94 and needs a reason to keep going. Later on, I will get on and have a little give and take with my friends on Facebook. It always get's my spirits up. What a great group of people we have met on line. People are the same all over the world, I've found, and it's great having met them..
 Well, I went and took my aunt out. Traffic was terrible this morning. They had it go from 3 lanes to two as soon as I got on the Hutch from I-684. I don't know who thinks that this is a good idea, but traffic was at a stand still. When we finally got moving, it was smooth until we got to where the Hutch and the Cross County Parkway split. Again, down to 2 lanes from 6. It just gets crazier. The kicker is, they had the lanes coned off, but no one was doing anything. Maybe it's me and I just don't understand the way things are supposed to work. Anyway, I finally picked her up at 11 and took her to lunch. She is always happy to be able to get out. I got home at 1:30, and facebook is down. Oh well. What can you do.
 This is a bit of a rambling train of thought. I hope that I will get better at time goes on, but I am not promising anything. I'm not much of a writer, and this is my first attempt. If you stay with me, that's great. If not, I don't blame you. More tomorrow.


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