Peace On Earth, Good Will Towards Men......???

    This is the season of Peace On Earth, Good Will Toward Men (and Women!)..... Right! We are supposed to be charitable to our fellow humans, and spread Happiness and Good Cheer.. and that's what everyone is doing.... right? Think again, John..
   Children are slaughtered in Pakistan as retribution, by people calling themselves 'The Taliban', which loosely translates to 'Religious Students'. They walked into the school, brandishing automatic weapons and were told to 'Kill them all!'.. they pulled students out from under desks and shot them to death. 
  In Australia, an Iranian Immigrant holds hostages in a cafe for 16 hours, before police rushed in and freed most of the hostages after hearing gunshots from within. The gunman had killed two of the hostages, and he, in turn, was killed by the police. The gunman was out on bail for being an accessory in the murder of his exwife.
  In upstate New York, a woman tells police that a child she was caring for was kidnapped by masked assailants. The young boy is later found dumped in a culvert 50 yards from the trailer home in which he was staying. His 19 year old cousin, who had called the police, was arrested for strangling him to death.
 In New York City, non-violent protests turned ugly when police officers were punched and kicked. One of the assailants was a college professor. Some students, who were interviewed about the charges against their professor, lauded him for being involved. 
  Some of the protestors started chanting "What do we want? Dead Cops!" while being led by the Reverend Sharpton. A few days later, two cops are shot to death while sitting in their patrol cars on a lunch break.
 They people were protesting the failure of a Staten Island Grand Jury to indict an officer in the death of a man last Summer, after they arrested him and did nothing to help him when he told them that he could not breath. Another man was accidentally shot by a rookie cop in a darkened stairwell, and the protestors were calling for charges against that officer as well.  
 Two cops were ambushed and shot to death in Decatur Georgia......
 The list goes on and on... 
  Through this so-called 'Social Media', we keep sniping at each other. We are threatened at every turn, and yet we do nothing to try to get along. Each group blames the other, and this does nothing to solve the deep chasms that threaten to divide us all and tear down all that we have tried to build.  
 The politicians are no better. In fact, they do everything but try to unite us. They push our buttons and play us against each other to distract us by everything that refuse to do to make our lives better. Our infrastructure is crumbling, yet they do nothing to repair it. They scream about immigration reform, but again do nothing. 
 Our world threatens to implode, and no one seems to have any answers. I'm old and tired, and about done with all of this. I worry for my children and grandchildren and for all of those in the generations to come. I will not be around to see them, and I can only hope that some sanity eventually overtakes this human race. 
 I long for 'Peace On Earth, Good Will Towards Men!' but I know that I shall never see it in my time; but I wish you all Peace and Love and a better New Year.
 John Zaffino  Kent Lakes, New York
 December 21, 2014


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