Merry Christmas?... Happy Holidays?....... I Think Not...

Our Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza Winter Solstice Tree

We have arrived at what is proclaimed to be "The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year" and yet, all I can see is anger, controversy and hatred. What was once a time that I looked forward to, from when I was a very small boy, right through my 50s, has turned into a nightmare. I see a bunch of hateful people declaring that there is a war on Christmas, and firing up all the hate and resentment that they can agains anyone who would dare not celebrate the birth of the Christ. The Ice Queen from Alaska screeches about it, supposedly wrote a book about it. O'Reilly, Hannity, and that drug addict, Limbaugh, use their bully pulpits to rail about this imagined war every hour of every day. People are getting assaulted for saying Happy Holidays, instead of Merry Christmas. Friends stop being friends, non Christians are being marginalized, and the season has turned from one of Peace On Earth, Good Will Toward All Men and Women, to  open season on anyone who does not toe the line and say Merry Christmas! One woman posted today that she was sick of the pettiness. She has a solution... all the non Christians can work on Christmas, and she will work on their holidays. Really? She just is not getting it either, and is being just as hateful and resentful as the rest who engage in this kind of behavior.
 I tell you, I am sick over this whole debacle. What was once a time of giving and good cheer, has turned into a time of rancor and resentment, and for what reason? We are a nation made of of different races, nationalities, and religions. We have Christians, Jews, Muslims, Pagans, Agnostics, and Atheists. We have Hindu's, Sikhs, Buddhists, Wiccans. People who have no set religion, but believe that there is something bigger than humankind controlling the world. We have all these integral parts which make up this beautiful country, and yet we have people who just do not want to accept this and be all encompassing. It is so very sad. People who profess to follow the teachings of Jesus the Christ, pick and choose which of his teachings they will follow. The same can be said of some who follow other religions. The attitude has become "My way or the Highway" I have to add that I was raised Roman Catholic Christian, and my wife is Jewish. We have been together 36 years, come this January, and NOT ONCE IN 36 YEARS HAS RELIGIOUS DIFFERENCES EVER BEEN AN ISSUE! Never. The subject has never been a point of discussion, because our love and respect for each other supersedes everything else.
 Throughout this season, there are those of us who have lost loved ones. I have one friend, right this second, who's wife has had a brain aneurism  and is in grave condition. I have several friends who are seriously ill. There just seems to be a pall of sadness hanging over the whole idea of the Christmas season, Holiday season, whichever you prefer to call it. As for me, I will withdraw within my immediate family, and at times within my own self. I will sit and cherish the memories of Holiday Seasons past, where there wasn't all of this hatred and controversy. The time before the internet and all the talking heads inciting this anger. I will say to you all, one last time before the New Year: Be kind to each other, love your friends and family, and give good cheer to those you come in contact with.
Peace and Love
John Zaffino, December 18, 2013
Carmel, New York


  1. People who profess to follow the teachings of Jesus the Christ, pick and choose which of his teachings they will follow. The same can be said of some who follow other religions. The attitude has become "My way or the Highway" '

    This, to me John, says it all. Everyone practices his/her religion or beliefs individually and differently and no one is correct and no one is wrong. The backlash, I believe, is from the tamping down of Christianity in general and disallowing any sort of education about other religions just plain vanilla. No matter what, we all hunker down with our own family traditions this time of year and the naysayers can do the same. Prayers for your friend - and I say them my way to my God and in my proper place and time.

    1. You know, Amy, when I was in elementary school, before the advent of that charlatan, Madeline Murray O'Hare, my elementary school teachers included Chanukah and Christmas into the season. She had someone come and tell us about them. It was beautiful. I think that it should be taught today that there are many religions that make up the whole.
      I know Chanukah has passed, but to you, my dear friend, a belated Happy Chanukah, and may all the joys of the season follow you throughout the year. Love and Peace to you and your family

  2. Those you are seeing, that "bunch" of individuals who spout their seasonal objections, fade back into the woodwork at the end of the holiday season and wallow in their venomous beliefs. Paying them any attention just gives them power and strengthens the soapboxes each stands upon.

    Simply put..."eff em all!", John!

    We stand with the majority who cherish traditions, family, reaching out to help and pray for others and not during special times of the year, it's the path we choose, as decent human beings.

    Blessings of this season, of all seasons, to you, Sheryl and your families. Remember...Love is what makes us better than the rest!

    1. I have only a few words to say to you: I love you, Patty, and I hope that your holidays are filled with happiness and all the warmth and love that you can handle.
      Love and Peace


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