Memorial Day 2013

             Thoughts On Memorial Day, 2013

 Monday,  May 27 2013,  will be the 43rd Memorial day since my release from active duty in the Marine Corps way back in 1970.  So many things have happened since that day of hope and optimism. I've had three children by two wives, raised 5 children. I've had one failed marriage and one successful. I had a good career with Verizon. I've been through hard times and good times and back to hard times again. I've seen politicians come and go. Some good, some downright awful... none great. I've lost friends through war and disease. I saw my father, who served this country with honor, die an early death. What I have not seen, in all these years, is one day when we were not at war somewhere. Oh, I know we have not been in 43 years of declared warfare, but our troops have been somewhere for as long as I can remember. It's a sad statement on the affairs of the world, and on mankind in general. We cannot seem to just get on with the business of living with out trying to kill one another. I will never understand why we cannot all just get along with each other. 
  The loved ones, friends and family, lost in these wars can never be replaced. The horrors that they witnessed cannot be imagined. The families combined grief is almost unfathomable. Why do we do this to each other? What is so important that we must kill thousands to resolve? It just makes no sense. Neither does he fact that the people who beat the drums the loudest for war are those who have never served a single second in defense of their country. In fact, many of them, most of them, actively avoided serving in any capacity; yet they will yell the loudest for the blood of the enemy. They will chant the slogans of patriotism and  wrap themselves in the flag and call themselves "Real Patriots"while pushing others to the front lines when,  if the real truth be known, they are nothing but loudmouthed cowards who quivered and hid when the nation called for them to serve. They all make me sick and angry.
 I have never regretted, for one moment, having given my time in service to my country and my fellow citizens. I am proud of being a Marine. It was an honor to serve my country. This is something that these pseudo-Patriots could never know.


This weekend, as we all enjoy the gathering of friends and family, I wish you all a very Happy Memorial Day, and I urge you all to take a few moments to remember those who served in all wars so that we could enjoy moments like these, and especially remember those who gave their lives so that this country could continue to be free and we can all continue to breathe the free air enjoy all the comforts of this great country, this free United States Of America. Put aside your differences and give thanks to those who served and those who sacrificed for you. After all, when all is said and done, we are all Americans, regardless of politics, or religion, or ethnic origins. We are one people.

Happy Memorial Day

John Zaffino, May 25, 2013


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